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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Busts Heather Webber Yet Again on General Hospital

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Franco finds Carly, who’s unable to stand on her own. Heather stops them from leaving.


Franco warns he’ll kill Heather and declares she isn't his mother. He only has her word for it. He rejects Heather as his mother and grabs the knife. Heather turns on him with a gun and shoots him. 

Ava is surprised to see AJ. He says he’s getting some memories back and remembers Ava being at the office. 

AJ says he dropped the gun and left. He accuses Ava of being the one who shot Connie. 

Ava admits she was there. She came to see Julian, who was pretending to be Derek at the time. She says she saw Connie, lying bleeding on the carpet and took off, picking up AJ’s gun on the way out. 

Morgan tells Sonny he and Ava aren’t finished. She’s agreed to leave Julian and be on their side. 

Sonny thinks Ava is playing Morgan. Morgan begs his father to believe him, and to speak to Ava directly. 

Morgan assures his father Ava wants peace. They could end the war between the families.  Sonny agrees to talk to Ava alone.

Alexis complains to Anna about Silas still being in lock up. Nathan admits Scott won’t prosecute with what they have, so Silas is released. 

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The doctor is grateful to Alexis and Sam. Sam tells him about Nina's will turning up. She doesn’t think Ava is behind it.

Anna gets the forensics back on the hair on the sheet. It turns out to be Heather’s. She calls Miscavige to check on Heather. 

Scotty is shocked to see Luke in Heather’s room. He gets locked in and tries to snap Luke out of his fog.

Luke says Heather has Carly. He needs to get to her before Heather kills her. 

Ava explains she was trying to protect AJ, because of Kiki’s relationship with Michael. She claims she threw the gun towards the water, but it must have landed in the bushes where Morgan found it. 

AJ believes she shot Connie and planted the gun. Ava points out only AJ’s prints were found on the gun.

AJ doesn’t understand why she’d help him. Ava says she was still trying to get an in at ELQ and needed him.

Ava explains how the murder was caught on tape. She found the footage and destroyed it. 

Nikolas tells Anna the kids saw Franco. He was going to Wyndemere to find Heather.

Anna and Nathan head over to the castle. Franco stabs Heather in the leg and the two struggle over the gun.

Anna stops Heather from shooting Franco a second time and places her under arrest. Franco and Carly declare their love for each other, before he passes out. 

AJ asks if Ava watched the footage. She says she did — he killed Connie. 

AJ wants to see the footage, but Ava insists she destroyed it.  Sonny is surprised to find AJ at his office.