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Perkie's Observations: Ava Makes Her Case to Sonny on General Hospital


Carly and Franco are brought into the hospital.  Bobbie and Lucas are relieved to have their loved one back.  She explains Heather took her and framed Franco. Lucas heads off to find Franco, only to see him crashing.


Sonny wonders why AJ is in his office. Ava covers. She claims AJ thought the offices were still Julian’s, and AJ was looking for a job.

After AJ leaves, Sonny questions why Ava would want to sell out her brother to join the Corinthos clan. Ava says her relationship with Julian is purely business and they aren’t equal partners. 

Ava is also upset by Julian’s interest in his new children. He's placed their interests ahead of her.

She swears it was Julian’s idea to use Morgan as a spy. She’d never hurt Morgan. She wants Sonny to give her a chance to prove herself. 

Alexis finds Julian waiting for her when she gets home. She hopes he isn't there to discuss their relationship.

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Julian tells her about running into Lucas and learning his son is gay. Julian admits he’d prefer it if Lucas were straight, because of his own father’s prejudices. 

Alexis points out Julian is a parent now. He needs to accept Lucas, otherwise he’ll have no relationship with his son. 

Silas feels guilty for what happened with Nina. He swears to Sam he wasn’t interested in his wife’s money.  He wants to find out what happened to his wife. Sam thinks she should pay the pharmacist another visit. 

Morgan tells Michael about Sonny going to see Ava.  Michael is worried Ava is playing Morgan. 

Morgan assures his brother he and Ava love each other. The two discuss Kiki and her protecting Franco. They're interrupted by a call from Bobbie, saying Carly has been found.

AJ finds himself at Connie’s grave. He wonders if he’s responsible for her death, or if Ava is.

Connie appears to AJ. He explains what Ava told him. 

AJ  wants Connie to tell him what happened that night. She reminds him she’s a figment of his imagination. Only he knows the truth. 

Michael and Morgan have a happy reunion with Carly. Carly explains how Heather took her and Franco saved her. 

Lucas tells them Franco crashed, but has been stabilized and is heading to surgery. Carly begs for a chance to see Franco. She tells him she’ll be waiting for him. 

Lucas tells Bobbie that he ran into Julian, who can’t accept Lucas for who he is. 

Ava tells Sonny that she’ll deliver her brother for him.  Ava also says that she and AJ talked about Connie and that he didn’t sound remorseful.