Perkie's Observations: Will Michael and Kiki SPLIT Over Franco and Carly on General Hospital?


Morgan gives his father an update on Carly, then asks how things went with Ava. Sonny says he asked Ava for something to prove her sincerity in switching teams. Morgan is certain Ava will be true to her word. Sonny wonders what kind of life the two of them will have.


Sonny asks how Morgan can trust a woman who would sell out her own brother. Morgan says Ava is giving up everything for him — he’s more important to her than Julian. 

Ava is downloading files from Julian’s computer when Alexis arrives. She tells Ava about Julian finding out Lucas is gay.

Ava understands how Julian reacted. When Ava takes a call, Alexis tries to use her computer. Ava stops her, claiming Julian is downloading files. 

Liz and Felix wait for the DNA results. Felix worries that Brad will find out.  Liz says she used different names, so as not to alert Brad. 

Lulu has a dream Ben is her son, and is sad when he disappears from her dream. She wonders why she would dream this. Dante feels it’s because she’s spent a lot of time at Wyndemere. 

Lulu admits she felt lost and was afraid to come home and face her grief. She’s upset about almost losing Dante. He assures her everything is fine. 

Britt wonders aloud why Liz would take Ben’s hairbrush. Spencer arrives with Valentine candy for her. He tells Nikolas he needs to give her something as well.

With Britt out of the room, Nik tells Spencer he’s going to ask Britt to marry him. He needs his input in getting a ring. 

Julian runs into Kiki and warns her Ava will think her daughter owes her for getting her out of jail. He tells Kiki not to let her guard down around her mother. 

Lucas tells Brad about his run-in with Julian. He doesn’t understand why Julian’s feelings would matter to him. The two hug, as Julian arrives and asks to speak with Lucas. 

Julian apologizes for how he reacted when Lucas told him the truth. He asks for forgiveness. Lucas is willing to give it — if his father accepts him for who he is. Julian explains about his own father and says he wants a relationship with Lucas. Lucas accepts the apology. 

Michael and Kiki argue about Franco’s involvement with Carly and Heather. Kiki puts all the blame on Heather and accuses Michael of not believing her when she said Franco was innocent. 

Michael accuses Kiki of lying to him to protect Franco. Franco is guilty of not telling the police about Heather leaving the institute.

Michael feels Franco stabbed Heather, then dumped her because he didn’t want anyone to know he is still capable of killing.Kiki insists Franco has changed. If she hadn’t helped him escape, Carly would be dead. 

Michael says her lies put Carly’s life at risk. Franco made the wrong choice every time. Kiki thinks Franco is as much a victim as Carly was and is now fighting for his own life.

Brad has the test results, but is confused because there is no name of who ordered the test. Liz says the order came from Dante, the PCPD lab is still having problems and they needed the test for evidence. Brad reminds them Dr. Obrecht is a task master, but ultimately gives Liz the test to deliver to Dante.     

Felix asks Brad on a Valentine’s Day date, promising this time no one will get in the way of their relationship. Lucas tells Brad about making up with Julian. He asks for a celebratory drink. 

Brad declines, saying he wants to be with Felix. He and Lucas can only be friends. 

Alexis finds Julian, who tells her how things went with Lucas. She tells him about Ava and the computer files. 

Ava arrives at Sonny’s with all of Julian’s confidential files. 

Liz reads the test results which say that Dante is Ben’s father.