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Camryn Grimes Dishes 'Ghostly' Return to The Young and The Restless

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Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) doesn't mess around when it comes to his family on The Young and the Restless. So what made the Black Knight decide to enlist a doppelganger of his beloved, deceased granddaughter Cassie (Camryn Grimes)? Is he still that pissed at Cassie's mom, (Sharon Case)? TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan got the skinny from Grimes herself.


TV Guide Magazine: We know Ghost Cassie appeared when her mentally unstable mother Sharon [Sharon Case] was off her meds. But who's Fake Cassie?

Grimes: You're not going to find out exactly who she is for quite a while — but it's pretty out there. She's a very ballsy character. You'll be surprised at the nature of her relationship with Victor. He doesn't want his son, Nick [Joshua Morrow], reuniting with Sharon, so Victor is working with Fake Cassie to make sure that doesn't happen.

Victor is going to burn in a fiery inferno, and I don't mean that volcano that took poor Skye. To find out if Victor and "Cassie" will stumble upon Sharon's DNA swap, click here!

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