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INTERVIEW: GH's Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West Explain Why Dante and Ava Should Be Friends!

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Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West's General Hospital characters, Dante Falconeri and Ava Jerome, haven't spent a lot of time together on camera. Maybe they should. At the ABC TCA party, the duo proved themselves to be a hilarious combination. They shared their thoughts on why Ava is the toughest criminal in Port Charles, whether Dante and Lulu’s marriage will survive and why everyone should respect Maurice Benard.


Daytime Confidential: Can you talk about the mystery surrounding the death of Silas’s wife?

Dominic Zamprogna: I think we should be friends, Dante and Ava.

Maura West: Yep, because I think Dante, he’s a good cop, but he’s kind of a bad boy under the badge.

DZ: She’s just working this out.

DC: He is Sonny’s son.

MW: Amen and hallelujah.I think they could be fast friends.

DZ: We had a nice scene at the very beginning.

MW: I will never forget it. [Singing] The first time ever I saw your face!

DZ: She is a way better actor than she is a singer.

DC: You’re sort of a Von Trapp by proxy though, since your son was in The Sound of Music.

MW: I’m the Mama Von Trapp.

DZ: You’re like the Cuban cocaine goddess, whatever she was in Miami. You’re, like, ruthless. That’s what you are. You’re like the real boss.

MW: But even people who are, and this is what I’ve discovered by researching it, that even people who do these sort of things, they always love their family. They can drop someone in the river, then go home and make a sandwich for their kids when they’re home from school. So it’s like business is business and family is family.

DC: Speaking of family, Ava’s relationship with Morgan is bringing her into conflict with her family.

DZ: Yeah, what’s up with that? Are you still having sex with my brother?

MW: Several times a day.

DZ: Then how are we supposed to, hello?

MW: I want them all!

DZ: You’re sort of greedy.

MW: Insatiable!

DC: Was the Morgan/Ava romance always in the cards, or did the writers change course because of your chemistry with Bryan Craig?

MW: I don’t know really what happened. I know that Frank Valentini came up to me one day on the set and said, “You guys are going to be in bed in two weeks and Maura, it’s your fault, because of some look that you gave him in some episode or something." I don’t necessarily think it was intended to last so long. But it’s true romance.

DZ: It’s not love.

DC: Poor Dante. Lulu blames him for all of her mistakes.

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DZ: Poor Dante.

MW: Has Dante ever been unfaithful to Lulu?

DZ: He was drugged one time by Brooke Lynn. She drugged him and did things. So technically yes, but not of his own free will… Maybe [Lulu’s] pushed him to that point. He didn’t do anything typically dickish of a dude.

MW: Seriously though, it’s actually very accurate writing that couples who have trouble conceiving often break up. That’s a very real phenomenon.

DZ: I just liked the fact that it wasn’t because of anything he did.

MW: It’s like maybe we don’t belong together, maybe we aren’t a good fit.

DZ: Exactly.

MW: I think it’s really appropriate that there’s marriage trouble after this story.

DC: Do you think there will end up being a triangle between Lulu, Dante and Nathan?

DZ: Someone asked me earlier today. I have no idea. I don’t feel like we’re going that way. I feel like we’re getting back together and things are reconciling. What they’re going to do is really great. They could have made it really cut and dry and said, “Ben’s your kid.” But that’s not what’s going to happen. It’s going to be drawn out. We’re getting back together, but I think there might be some more rocks that we’re going to hit.

DC: Ben is a ticking baby time bomb. When the truth comes out, is it going to be hard to prove legally, since Britt gave birth to him and her name is on the birth certificate?

DZ: DNA… she might be able to argue one point or another at certain times, but it’s going to come busting out.

DC: The war between Sonny and the Jeromes keeps getting more intense. Who is the biggest, baddest mobster in Port Charles?


DZ: [To West] You! That’s what I mean. She’s the Columbian, Miami drug mama right there.

MW: Ava is.

DZ: Ava could be so bad ass, man.

MW: She is!

DZ: You and Maurice had a scene today, and I was like this is good!

MW: What I do, and what you have to be careful of, is that, and again, I think about it, and when you’re doing scenes with someone like Maurice, he’s playing this guy, this mobster, this guy. There are certain ways to respect that actor and that character and you absolutely have to play that. So you have to do that, because that’s who he is and that is what he’s done in this role.

DZ: She’s going to get shot if she doesn’t behave respectfully in that world.

MW: Right. Your character has to have fear.

DZ: But a lot of actors don’t like to play that.

MW: I know. And I don’t like that.

DZ: I don’t like that either. It’s arrogance and it’s ego.

MW: You’re not playing the scene.

DC: Will the Port Charles police department ever put a dent in the organized crime that has plagued the city for decades?

DZ: I think so. We were talking about it today. There’s going to be some good police work. We feel better about the stuff, the cops not being the keystone thing. Ron and Frank are not making Sonny this guy who’s perpetually evil whereas before you’d always be like, “Well how can we not arrest him for something at any point in the day?” And now it’s like there’s really nothing to arrest him for. He’s as good a guy as he’s going to be. There’s real bad guys out there and hopefully it seems so far that we’re getting more ability and intelligence. We’re really happy about that because it gives us more credibility.