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INTERVIEW: Heather Tom on Katie's Bold and Beautiful Evolution — "I’m Not That Little Girl Anymore"

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It’s a good time to be Katie Logan. The Bold and the Beautiful’s resident martyr has exchanged tear-stained tissues for the executive suite. She’s fighting her feelings for her sister’s true love and running her ex’s company. 


Her portrayer, Heather Tom, loves the changes in Katie’s character. After taping an appearance on The Talk, she shared her thoughts on Katie’s love life, B&B’s steamy new storyline and her real and fictional siblings.

The idea of Katie falling for Ridge seemed as unfathomable as Ryan Gosling dating a Kardashian, until Thorsten Kaye assumed the role. “[Ridge]has this whole history but [Kaye] is so different from Ronn and I think that it's allowing him to be almost a new character and allowing for these other things to happen," said Tom. "It would never have worked with Ronn in a thousand years. I love Ronn, but I think that ship had sailed. He was with [Brooke] and that was just it.” 

Tom likes working with her new costar. “I love working with him and I think that he’s present in the scenes and he throws the ball back and it’s fun. I think we have a very nice rapport, a very good chemistry and there’s lots of fun stuff coming up.”

With Ridge,  Katie gets to be more than just the insecure baby Logan sister. “I think really for the first time in her life she is with somebody who doesn’t have these preconceived notions of who she should be. With her sisters, she is always going to be the little sister staring out the window watching the world go by. With Bill, I think he saw her as this girl he needed to prop up, take care of and protect, and get her to realize who she is. He did all those things, but he still sees her as that girl he first met, and doesn’t see her as the woman she is now. Whereas I think Ridge really sees her for who she is now. And that’s refreshing. And that’s something she can fall in love with. That’s where she’s coming from with it.”

Of course, after condemning her sister for falling for Bill—even though she encouraged their relationship during her post-partum depression—Katie can hardly make a play for Ridge. She is determined to remain the “good” Logan, doing everything she can to get Ridge and Brooke to reunite. Still, that does not mean  Katie and Brooke are BFFs again.

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“I think they are sisters and they are Logan girls at the end of the day, and they do love each other," said Tom. "But I think it’s okay for it to not ever be the same. I think Katie has for her whole life been trying to get out from under her sister’s shadow. I think she’s like, ‘I’m out. I’ve been out. I’m running a multinational corporation. I was married to the most powerful man in the world, and you still see me as this little girl. I’m not that little girl anymore.”

In fact, Katie wishes her sister would read a few self-help books and embrace personal growth. “I think Katie’s argument with Brooke is that she doesn’t [change]. She stays the same old Brooke and Katie’s like, ‘You know, maybe you should change and grow and move on and see what else is out there for you."

Katie embodies the current Lean In movement, though she ascended to the CEO’s office thanks to a divorce settlement. But she will encounter some  obstacles.

“They’re playing the reality that she is somewhat inexperienced," said Tom. "She’s smart, but this is a giant job. So there’s going to be some up and downs and who knows where they’re going with it. I love being CEO, me personally, but I also think while she has grown and evolved. She has elements of, when she is with Bill, of falling back into old routines. It’s still a part of her. She hasn’t completely shed all those insecurities. She’s just trying to be a better version of herself.”

Katie’s journey of self-discovery will not include sexual experimentation.  But her ex-husband Bill will be venturing into a Fifty Shades of Grey-style tryst with Quinn. Tom finds the kinky twist amusing. “I saw the scenes and I think they’re very entertaining. Bill just keeps getting himself into trouble, but now maybe he’ll get a spanking when he’s bad. I guess I’m glad it’s her, not me.”