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INTERVIEW: John-Paul Lavoisier on Beacon Hill, Spending Time With Tuc Watkins' Twins and Missing OLTL

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One Life to Live's resident bad boy is back! John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex Balsom) is making a return to soapdom in the highly-anticipated web sudser Beacon Hill. I caught up with the sexy actor, who revealed what he's been up to since saying goodbye to Llanview. He also provided insight into his new character, political heir Eric Preston.


Daytime Confidential: We haven’t seen you around in a while. What have you been up to since One Life to Live ended it’s run on ABC?

John-Paul Lavoisier: Since OLTL, I've been busy with babies! Really. My friend Tuc[Watkins] had twins last year, a boy and a girl, and I spend almost everyday with them. They're great. Tuc and I also do a really great 100 minute workout at Runyon Canyon called "The Full Dolores" three times a week. We have T-shirts. You get one once you complete "her."

DC: How does it feel getting back into the swing of acting on a dramatic serial with Beacon Hill?

JPL: Oh it's great! The best part is seeing so many familiar faces. It's nice to talk and work with people who have the same background, the same stories. The same common ground. Actors who have done a lot of soap work are the easiest to do a project with. It's as if we are all part of the same theatre company. 

DC: You portray the dapper Eric Preston. Is Eric similar to his mother Claire, or his grandfather William?


I honestly don't have enough knowledge on Claire and the grandfather to make a smart call on this. However, I can guess that the answer is yes. A strong political soul lives inside them all. Tough-skinned. Ruthless. Although, Eric is more of a "servant" than them. For now...

DC: Will Eric attempt to make a play for the company, a la a hostile takeover?


I hope! Why not? It'll make for some great entertainment! 

DC: Many have suggested you would be great for the role of Dylan on General Hospital? Is that something you’re interested in?

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I miss


. Everyday I enjoy the memories. What I had for 10 years there, I know I'll never be blessed with again. Similar, maybe, but not the same. I'm older now. Maybe jaded. I feel that ship has sailed. Working on


doesn't cross my mind.

DC: You dabbled in Reality TV with Dirty Soap on E! Network. Would you ever return to Reality?


No. I'm an actor. I'm not interested in having a camera on me, John-Paul. I was only involved in the project because I was "the boyfriend." The show was for "others" first. I was just the "extension." 

DC: Do you have any other upcoming projects?

JPL: I'm currently in rehearsals for a play that opens March. I'm also close to finish writing a screenplay with two friends. Aside from these two things, I'm just another actor that waits for the phone to ring. I'm a corn stalk in the middle of Nebraska. It's interesting.

Beacon Hill debuts March 5, 2014.