Did The CW’s Star-Crossed Capture Your Heart? (POLL)



The alien/human teen romance Star-Crossed premiered last night on The CW.  It followed Emery (Aimee Teegarden), a normal teenage girl, and her burgeoning relationship with Roman (Matt Lanter), one of several known aliens who integrate into her high school. 

Star-Crossed stars multiple vets from Friday Night Lights, as well as alums of The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, 90210 and almost every ABC Family show ever. The casting department definitely knew how to help pull in eye balls.

It averaged 1.24 million ratings (which is pretty good for a CW show up against the Olympics). While reviews have been mixed, a passionate fanbase is what can mean longevity for the teen-oriented network.

What did you think of Star-Crossed?