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Perkie's Observations: Anna Learns Where Heather Stashed Luke on General Hospital


Anna demands to know what Heather did to Luke. Heather refuses to talk until Anna pulls out a BLT sandwich to entice her. Once Anna starts to eat the sandwich, Heather caves and gives her the information.


Tracy pays Lulu a visit to complain about the PCPD’s inability to find Luke. She asks about Dante and Lulu explains about Ben. Tracy says she never understood about extended family until Lulu came into her life. Family is who you choose. 

Lulu says she’s happy Dante has a son and will make this work. Tracy tells her it will be an adjustment, but it will get easier and will be worth it. 

Dante tells Sonny about Ben and how Britt took his sample. Dante is upset he’s missed so much of his son’s life already. Sonny assures him things will get better and to give Lulu time to deal with it. 

Kevin and Lucy discuss this year’s Nurses' Ball. They run into Franco, who’s angry at Kevin for turning him in.

Kevin apologizes, but reminds his patient he’s bound by law and didn’t say anything about what Franco did to Heather.

Lucy wants to discuss the ball with Patrick. She hopes to make it the biggest ever, in Robin’s honor.

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Patrick says Robin won’t be at the ball. Lucy thinks it has to do with Sabrina and the baby. She's certain the Drakes will come out of this stronger.    

Britt is thrilled at her engagement to Nikolas, but worries about Dante and his involvement in Ben’s life. Spencer interrupts to ask if a wedding date has been set. He says he’s never had a mother before. 

Nik wonders if Britt has thought about her role as a mother figure to Spencer. She's happy to help him raise his son, but continues to worry about Lante’s impact on Ben. Nikolas tells her to take Ben to Lante for a visit and to discuss shared custody. 

Liz tells Robin that Nikolas is marrying Britt and how Dante is Ben’s father. She thinks Nik is making the biggest mistake of his life, but Robin questions whether Liz is still in love with Nikolas.  Liz admits she is, but missed her chance. Now she’ll end up alone. 

Robin points out Nikolas isn’t married yet. Robin feels Nik would want Liz to be honest.

Tracy heads to the PCPD to complain to Anna about Luke.  Anna says Heather confessed. 

Lucy overhears Franco tell Kevin that Scott went to the institute and hasn’t been heard from since.  Lucy heads to the PCPD to let Anna know.  Anna is surprised, since that’s where Luke is also. 

Patrick tells Robin they should tell Anna everything that’s happening. 

Liz arrives at Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas.

Dante tells Lulu about his talk with his father. Lulu feels they need to go to Wyndemere to see Ben.  Dante agrees, but only after they find Luke. Britt and Ben are at their door.