Perkie's Observations: Luke and Scotty are Rescued on General Hospital!



Patrick feels he and Robin should tell Anna about Victor, so she can fix it. He's afraid of the danger behind Victor's project for Robin. Robin stresses her mother can’t know, because it would put Jason’s life at stake.  Patrick feels Jason is bait, but Robin insists she can’t let Jason die or go against Victor. 

Tracy complains about Anna’s lack of attention in finding Luke.  Lucy complains she didn’t know Scott was in trouble, which causes Tracy to wonder why Lucy is so invested.  Lucy claims it’s because of her past with Scott, but Tracy’s not buying it. 

Anna informs the orderly at Miscavige she knows both Scott and Luke are at the facility, thanks to Heather’s confession. She warns he could face charges of kidnapping.  The orderly lets her into the room, where Anna finds Scotty and Luke together.  Both men are promptly taken to the hospital. 

Britt and Ben arrive at Lante’s door for a visit.  Britt gets called to the hospital to cover someone’s shift, and Lante agree to watch Ben in her absence.  Lulu receives a call that Luke has been found, and leaves Dante to bond with his son. 

Sabrina and Epiphany discuss this years’ Nurse’s Ball and Sabrina’s pregnancy.  Sabrina informs her Patrick insists on being involved, including joining her for an appointment, in which he’s currently late. 

Sabrina heads in for her appointment, and is surprised to find Britt as the doctor on call.  Britt apologizes to Sabrina for everything she’s done regarding Patrick.  Sabrina believes her and accepts the apology.  Britt feels having Ben changed things for her.  Sabrina spots the engagement ring, and Britt tells Sabrina she’s marrying Nikolas. 

Nikolas is surprised to find Liz waiting for him.  She tells Nik she saw his proposal to Britt, and begs him not to marry her.  Liz admits she’s in love with Nik, and has been trying to deny it.  Nik is quick to remind Liz she rejected him in favor of AJ.

Liz admits she chose wrong, but felt she had to tell him the truth before it was too late.  Nik has waited a long time to hear those words from her, but he moved on and fell in love with Britt.  

Victor arrives at the Drake house, and is not amused to discover Robin told Patrick the truth.  Patrick claims Robin won’t help, and suggests Anna needs to know everything.  Victor warns if they tell Anna anything, Jason will die.  He declares keeping Jason alive requires Robin’s help. He taunts they’ll lose Jason without her assistance. 

Patrick throws Victor out, but not before Victor reminds Robin their plane leaves tomorrow.  Robin insists she needs to go, because Jason means that much to her. She knows he would come and find her if the situations were reversed. Robin loves Patrick and Emma and wants to stay, but she can’t let Jason die. She's made up her mind and will be on Victor's plane.   

Scott and Luke are brought into the hospital.  Tracy immediately berates Luke for always taking off, because no one believed anything was wrong.  Luke doesn’t respond, and Scotty mentions he was drugged.

Lucy is thrilled to see Scotty is fine, and apologizes for thinking he was avoiding her.  Tracy is surprised to see them hugging. 

Lulu’s thrilled to see her father is fine, but also concerned about him.  Luke assures her that he’s the same he ever was.