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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Season 2 of House of Cards



Ok, I admit it. I binge watched Season 2 of the Netflix smash political drama House of Cards in two days. This season is chock full of intense situations, power moves, amazing performances and jaw dropping surprises. 

HOC picks up right where the previous season left off. If the non-stop social media chatter since Friday hasn’t been enough to convince you to watch this suspenseful, thrilling drama, here are five reasons to press play on Season 2 of House of Cards.


5.) A Hitchcock-esque Twist

The Season 2 premiere of House of Cards began amidst a scandal involving our main character, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). As he struggles to get a hold on the situation, the show truly takes off. Writer BeauWillimon channels his inner Alfred Hitchcock in the most shocking way, and someone’s house of cards disintegrates into ruin.


4.) Dialogue

With the break of the proverbial fourth wall, House of Cards works wonders with its dialogue. There is something so captivating about Frank Underwood speaking his inner, normally hysterical and true thoughts to the audience. He has the best one-liners in the show by far.

However, it’s not just Frank who always has the right words. The rest of the cast delivers on crackling, smart, concise and sometimes deadly material as well. Words have a tendency to resonate to the very end in this show.

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3.) Strong, Character Driven Story

House of Cards isn't some ripped-from-the-political headlines procedural. The groundbreaking show provides epic, serialized arcs for its cast of characters.

No one fits into a stereotypical category such as hero, villain or bitch, which makes Frank, Claire (Robin Wright) and Co. all too real and shockingly unpredictable. 


2.) Francis J. “Frank” Underwood

Portrayed by Kevin Spacey, Frank Underwood is the most twisted, unforgiving, erratic character on TV right now. Frank manages to come out on top more times than a Beltway dominatrix. He is willing to do any and everything to become The President of the United States of America.

Frank’s lack of remorse for his actions has a strange way of making him deliciously appealing  There’s something very fascinating about a character that completely owns the fact he is the scum of the earth.

“From the lions den to a pack of wolves; when you’re fresh meat, kill, and throw them something fresher.”— Frank Underwood


1.) Robin Wright

Behind every good, grasping politico, there's an ever better woman. Robin Wright proves this theory to be true as Frank's wife, Claire Underwood.

The Santa Barbara alum puts in several breathtaking performances this time around, and manages to convey more emotion with just her face than most do with three pages of dialogue.

This season we learn more about Claire’s backstory. Who was she before she became Mrs. Frank Underwood? Episode 4, Chapter 17 takes you there.

Claire gives an interview about her relationship with Frank and the topic of children comes up. She reluctantly shares her dark past, as Wright allows herself to be emotionally bled out. The entire scene is her Emmy reel. 

Photos by Netflix.