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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Sniffs Out TJ and Molly's Plan to Have Sex on General Hospital

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Robin tells Patrick that she’s leaving tomorrow to save Jason.  Patrick angrily tells her that she’s supposed to stay with her family.  Mac arrives with Emma, who wonders why her parents are fighting so strongly.

Kiki complains to Silas that Michael didn’t listen to her when she told him that Franco was innocent and that she had every right to lie to protect Franco.  Silas understands that she broke Michael’s trust and should reach out to him.  Kiki feels Michael should be the one apologizing to her.

Michael confides his woes to Sonny, upset that Kiki lied about Franco, which put Carly’s life in jeopardy.  Sonny says Michael is good at forgiving and should give Kiki a second chance.  Michael’s not sure he can trust her again.  Sonny wonders if their relationship wasn’t meant to be.

TJ and Molly discuss the night they’ll have together, at the Metro Court.  TJ wants to book a room and Olivia overhears.  She grills the teenager on his plans and whether he’ll be safe.  Molly, meanwhile, tells her mother that she’ll be staying at a friend’s to study.

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Olivia accepts TJ’s money for the room and gives him a key.  Shawn arrives, so Olivia covers for TJ.  When Molly arrives, Olivia makes her promise to be safe.  

Julian’s waiting for Sam, who’s heading out of town with Silas.  Julian says he knows it’s the anniversary of Sam’s brother’s death.  Sam is surprised he would know this, but Julian says he wanted to get to know his daughter. He asks if she can give him the same chance that Lucas is.

Julian says he researched her brother’s genetic disorder and made a donation. He hands Sam the certificate and she hugs him.  

Sam and Silas head for New York, leaving Rafe and Kiki to bond.  At the Metro Court, Kiki runs into Michael and Rafe spots TJ and Molly kissing.

Patrick tells Robin that she needs to tell Mac and Emma that she’s leaving.  Robin asks for his help in lying to her family.  Robin tells Emma that she’s going to Africa to help needy people.  Emma doesn’t want her mother to go since she just got back.  Robin says the people will get sicker without her help.  Emma says she needs her mother and storms off.

Mac doesn’t understand why Robin is leaving and wonders if there are problems with Patrick.  Robin says her life doesn’t feel the same and that she thought she could just walk back in and she can’t.  Mac says he’s on her side, no matter what and wishes her well.