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Perkie's Observations: Julian and Alexis Share Another Steamy Kiss on General Hospital



Sonny wants to know who’s bankrolling Julian.  Shawn informs him Barrett Enterprise is involved.  Sonny explains how Brenda’s sister Julia has been running the company.  Shawn asks if Sonny can reach out to Brenda for more information, but Sonny's hesitant.  However, he soon gets over it and phones Brenda. She tells him Julia sold her majority in the company years ago. Sonny quickly realizes whomever purchased it has a vested interest in taking him down. 

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Julian’s glad to spend time with Danny, because family is important to him.  Alexis wonders if something is going on between him and Ava.  Julian deflects, and then decides to leave. However, the two get caught up in a passionate kiss. 

Ava’s thrilled to see Carlos, who’s still concerned that either Sonny or Julian will take him out.  Ava wants to discuss Julian, and how he’s keeping secrets from her. More specifically, she wants to know who is bankrolling their operation.  Carlos wonders if Ava’s planning on making a move on Julian.

AJ heads back to Connie’s grave to talk to her.  Connie appears and tells him that he’s conjuring her up, because he doesn’t believe what Ava told him. She advises him to retrace his steps from the night of her murder. 

Rafe notices the hotel key in TJ’s hand, and accuses them of spending the night.  TJ tells him to mind his own business, and heads up to the room with Molly. 

Robin wants one last night with Patrick, who still isn’t happy she’s leaving. He doesn’t want to pretend everything is normal when it isn’t, and worries about Robin’s safety. 

Robin asks if he still loves her. Patrick replies it’s taking everything in his power to let her go.  Robin begs again for something to hold onto while she’s gone, so the two make love.  Afterwards, Robin promises she’ll come back to him. 

Kiki wonders where her relationship with Michael stands, and if they can trust each other.  Michael admits he wants her to apologize to him, since she didn’t know Franco was innocent while she was covering for him.  The two argue. 

Michael asks if Kiki plans on moving back in with him, but she decides to stay with Silas. She feels they jumped into their relationship too quickly.  Michael wonders if they’re breaking up, but Kiki wants to make things work.

AJ stumbles into Ava and Carlos, and demands to know what happened the night Connie died.  He’s certain there’s something she’s not saying.  Ava sticks with her story that she came across an already dead Connie after AJ Left. She's just protecting him for Michael’s sake.  Ava tells him to accept things and move on, or she'll tell Michael exactly what she saw. 

AJ lunges at her, and screams to stay away from Michael. Carlos quickly tosses him out.  Carlos questions why AJ would bother Ava, and wonders if she killed Connie. 

Rafe interrupts Julian and Alexis’ make out session to tell them about TJ and Molly at the hotel.  Alexis decides to go to the hotel, and Julian tags along with her. 

Molly and TJ are making out on the bed, when Alexis and Julian arrive. 

Rafe is surprised by a knock on the door and opens it to find Ric.