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Perkie's Observations: TJ and Molly Get Interrupted on General Hospital!


TJ opens the hotel room door to find Alexis and Julian staring back at him. Alexis demands to know Molly's whereabouts, and at first, TJ denies she’s with him. However, Alexis storms into the room and finds her daughter.  She insists Molly get dressed and come home.  Molly outright refuses to leave, and accuses her mother of being judgmental. Alexis sternly tells Molly that she is 16 and will abide by her rules. An upset Molly gets dressed and leaves with her mother.   

Julian stays behind to talk to TJ.  He knows TJ spoke to the police about the warehouse shooting, and thinks he should tell Anna the truth. 

Olivia sees the Barrett file on Sonny’s desk.  He updates her on Barrett Enterprises, and is certain Brenda is not involved.  He doesn’t know who is, but is sure they have an axe to grind with him.  Olivia mentions he could be looking at a long list.  Sonny brings up Ava wanting to help, and Olivia isn’t as quick to trust her.  Sonny tells Olivia how Ava felt AJ wasn’t sorry for what happened to Connie. 

Sonny’s still angry he promised Michael he wouldn’t go after AJ, but wants to make him pay to free Michael and get justice for Connie. 

Ric introduces himself to Rafe, and the two chat for a bit. Ric soon asks where Alexis and Molly are, and if they’ll be home soon.

Carlos asks Ava if she killed Connie.  Ava explains she found Connie in Julian’s office, and Connie had figured out Julian’s identity. She was threatening to tell Sonny.  Ava taunted Connie with the gun, and then shot her. 

Ava feels she had no choice.  Carlos asks about the prints on the gun, and Ava explains she found AJ passed out at the house and put his prints on the gun.  She’s worried AJ is beginning to remember, which could become a problem for her if he tells Sonny. 

Carlos wonders if Ava plans on killing AJ, but she admits she can’t do it, since it will be traced back to her.  However, she wants to know if Carlos can do it for her.

Silas and Sam go back to Delia’s bar and ask for her help.  They explain how Silas has been accused of attempted murder, and believe Ava is setting him up. They are in need of solid proof to take Ava down. 

Sam explains about the pharmacist, and asks Delia to go out with him to get him to admit he’s working with Ava.  Delia agrees to wear a wire and go out on the date.  She feels if Ava is guilty, then she deserves prison.

Alexis and Molly are shocked to find Ric waiting for them at home.  Ric is surprised the two are arguing, and Alexis explains where she found Molly.  Molly shouts they were protected, and are in love. Alexis asks Ric to back her up, but Ric defends his daughter. 

Alexis quickly reminds Ric she’s the primary parent who’s been raising their daughter. However, Ric doesn’t believe she should have hunted Molly down and humiliated her.  Molly demands to know how her mother found out where she was, as Rafe comes out of the next room. 

Molly angrily yells at Rafe for selling her out to Alexis. She calls him a weasel and storms out.  Alexis wonders why Ric is back in Port Charles, and he admits he wanted to see his daughter.

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