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Perkie's Observations: Carlos Prepares To Take Out AJ on General Hospital!



Olivia arrives at a hotel room door and demands see some ID. She's shocked to discover Ric Lansing on the other side of the door.  She demands to know why he’s in town, and Ric swears he came to visit Molly.  Olivia informs him she and Carly own the hotel, and mentions she has kicked out others before.  Olivia remembers Sonny told her someone is bankrolling Julian, so she quickly backtracks on her threat. She tells Ric he can stay, but calls Sonny to fill him in on everything.

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Carlos is peering inside the Quartermaine mansion at an unsuspecting AJ. He's ready to take out AJ, per Ava’s orders.   She tells him to make it look like a robbery, because she's currently getting her alibi ready.  It turns out Ava’s in New York, visiting her mother.  Delia’s shocked to see Ava, and quickly leaves a voice message for Sam and Silas to abort their plan. 

Sam tells Silas she’s unsure of their plan, since she doesn’t know if they can trust Delia.  Silas is certain Delia will help them as promised. 

Carly wants to move on with her life with Franco, but he’s quick to point out Michael will always have an understandable problem with him.  Carly feels it’s her choice to be with Franco, despite his concerns about her family.  The two admit they love each other. 

Julian visits Alexis, who explains how badly things went with Molly and Ric.  Alexis complains about Ric, because she's certain he’s in town for something other than to see his daughter.  Julian asks if she’s also upset they didn’t finish what they started, but Alexis denies it.  Alexis heads out, and asks Julian to stay with Danny.  

Sonny wants to know if Shawn made any progress, but Shawn still has no idea who bought out Barrett Enterprises.  TJ arrives, and tells them about his conversation with Julian.  Sonny promises to deal with it.  TJ explains to Shawn what happened in the hotel room.  Shawn promises to talk to Alexis. 

Michael pays AJ a visit to complain about Kiki.  Carlos calls Ava to inform her of Michael's arrival.  Ava tells him to wait until Michael leaves to do the job. AJ assures Michael things with Kiki will fix themselves.  Michael asks about his father’s sobriety, because he knows how he changes when he's drunk.  AJ is surprised when Michael mentions Ava was there the day Connie died last summer. 

Kiki wants to sublet Maxie’s apartment, but changes her mind when she learns she’d be living with Nathan.  He asks her to talk about Silas.  Kiki believes her father is innocent, just like Franco.  Nathan tells her to read the file he has on Silas. 

When Kiki finishes the file, Nathan asks if her opinion has changed. Kiki thinks it doesn’t prove anything.  Kiki lets it slip Silas is in New York trying to clear his name.  Nathan makes a call to someone to let them know about Silas. 

Ava wants to bond with her mother, but Delia wants to get rid of Ava before she sees Sam and Silas. 

Shawn arrives at Alexis’ apartment only to find Julian there.

Olivia tells Sonny that Ric is in town, and may possibly be Julian’s bank roller.  Sonny walks into Ric's room, and the two have a stare down.