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Perkie's Observations: Carly TEARS Into Robin on General Hospital!


Sonny wonders why Ric’s in town. Ric claims he’s in Port Chalres to visit Molly.


Sonny pushes the issue, telling Ric people are working against him. Ric assures him he isn’t Sonny’s enemy — those days are over. Ric thought they had reached an impasse before he left the last time. 

Ric offers his hand, but Sonny refuses to shake it. Sonny explains the Jeromes are after him, and how they used Morgan against him. 

He warns Julian could come after Ric as well. Ric isn’t worried, reminding Sonny they aren’t close. 

Shawn pushes Julian up against the wall and threatens him. Julian taunts him, saying Sonny won’t be happy is Shawn kills him. Shawn pulls back to hit him, as Alexis gets home. She's angry the men are fighting while Danny sleeps in the other room. 

Shawn tells Alexis about Julian threatening TJ. Julian denies it, saying all he did was tell TJ to talk to the police about the warehouse shooting. He explains what happened that night, much to Shawn’s discomfort. 

Alexis tells Shawn to leave. He tells her TJ loves Molly, and she should back off the kids.

Julian swears he’s telling the truth. Alexis believes him, but points out he likely wasn’t innocent.

Sam ducks out of Ryan's, after spotting Ava talking to Delia. Delia spills a drink on Ava, who’s forced to leave the room to clean up. 

Delia tells Sam to stay out of sight. She’ll find a way to get Ava to leave.

When Ava returns, Delia asks her for a loan. Ava storms off. 

Tracy is worried about Luke. He's being discharged sooner than she would like.

They run into Carly. She thanks her uncle for trying to help her, and apologizes for him being dragged into it. Tracy snarks at Carly, but Luke defends her. 

Robin and Patrick run into Sabrina. She reminds Patrick he missed an appointment.

Robin heads off. Sabrina wonders if all is okay. Patrick tells her Robin is going to Africa, which doesn’t make sense to Sabrina. 

Sabrina wonders if Robin is leaving because of her. Patrick assures her Robin's exit has nothing to do with Sabrina or their baby.  

AJ is surprised by a masked Carlos. He forces AJ to get down on his knees. 

AJ begs for his life, telling the intruder about the safe. Tracy arrives, knocking Carlos with a vase. Carlos drops his gun and runs out, while Luke chases after him. 

Tracy wonders if they were being robbed. AJ thinks the intruder was more intent on killing him.

AJ says the intruder waited until Michael left and didn’t seem to want to take anything. Luke wonders who wants AJ dead. AJ says Sonny is at the top of the list.

racy wonders why Sonny would do it now. Luke decides to pay Sonny a visit.  Tracy asks AJ if it could be anyone else. 

Carly and Robin bump into each other and commiserate over their recent troubles.  Carly thanks Robin for all  she did for Jason and proposes they get along for him. Robin says she can’t, because she’ll be leaving town. Carly doesn’t understand how Robin could leave her family after just getting them back. 

Carly accuses Robin of being a self-absorbed martyr. Robin angrily says if Carly knew why she was leaving she’d worship her.

Carly wants to know what Robin means by this. Patrick arrives and reminds Carly she doesn’t like it when people judge her relationships.  

Sabrina finds Carlos waiting for her in an exam room. He shows her his bleeding head and asks for help. Sabrina wants him to tell her what happened, but ultimately decides to help. 

Carlos calls Ava and lets her know he had to abort the hit. 

Shawn complains to Sonny about Julian. Sonny says he thinks Ric is bankrolling Julian. 

Delia waits for Nakamura to arrive, then gets a call. She tells Sam and Silas that Nakamura is dead.