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Perkie's Observations: Ava Scrambles to Cover Her LETHAL Tracks on General Hospital

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The New York trio are surprised when Nathan appears. He tells them Nakamura overdosed. He believes Silas is behind it.


Sam says Silas was with her the entire time, but Delia points out Silas was briefly unaccounted for. Silas accuses Ava of the crime. 

Liz tells Robin about her talk with Nikolas. Robin lets Liz know she’s leaving. 

Liz wonders why. Robin promises it’s for a good reason. She needs Liz to have her back. 

Lulu pays Sonny a visit. They talk about Ben and Dante. 

Lulu says she’s happy for Dante. Sonny wonders how she feels about all of this.

She admits things are awkward. She wishes she were Ben’s mother, but she has to accept it.  Sonny reassures her she’ll learn to love Ben as her own.   

AJ tells Dante and Anna about the intruder. He insists it wasn’t a robbery, but an attempt on his life.

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Anna gets a call and leaves Dante to continue. AJ accuses Sonny of being behind this.

Dante reminds him Sonny promised Michael he wouldn’t hurt AJ. AJ tells him to go and question Sonny. 

Carlos tells Ava things didn’t go as planned. He dropped his gun, but it’s not traceable to him, and there were no prints.

Ava is worried the botched hit will be traced to her. Carlos wonders if she still wants AJ dead. Ava vows he needs to go, before he remembers she killed Connie. 

Nikolas wants to plan an engagement party at Wyndemere. Britt agrees, then asks why Liz was at the castle before.

Liz arrives, so Nik covers. He lies saying Liz was there to congratulate them. 

After Britt leaves, Liz thanks Nik for not telling Britt the truth. Nikolas reminds her what they mean to each other. 

Sam tells Nathan about Ava being in New York. It isn't a coincidence Nakamura died the same day.

Nathan says he’ll talk to Ava, but mentions Silas never visiting Nina. Silas says her parents are blocking him. After Nathan leaves, Silas decides he needs to see his wife. 

Anna confronts Robin about her plans to leave. Robin promises she’s doing what’s right. She needs her mother to have faith in her. 

Anna asks if Robin is being forced. Robin promises no one is in danger. She’s needed as a doctor.  She promises to return to her mother.

AJ remembers confronting Connie. He also recalls not being able to kill her, because of what it would do to Michael. AJ realizes Ava killed Connie. 

Dante goes to Sonny and asks if he tried to have AJ killed.  Sonny denies it, but isn’t sorry it happened.

AJ goes to Ava.