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Perkie's Observations: Has AJ Reached The End of the Road...Again on General Hospital?

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AJ accuses Ava of killing Connie. He remembers Connie being alive when he left.

Ava claims his conscience is tearing him apart because he can’t accept being a killer. AJ says he knows the truth. 

Ava reminds him her prints weren’t on the gun, AJ’s were. She says it isn't possible for her to have wiped her prints, but not his.  AJ remembers Michael telling him Ava was there the night he passed out on the couch. 

AJ accuses Ava of wiping down the gun, then putting his prints on it while he was passed out on the couch. Ava claims she had no issues with Connie. AJ feels Connie messed with Ava’s plans. 

Sonny swears to Dante he wasn’t responsible for the attack on AJ.  Dante reminds his father, while he might have a right to hate AJ, he doesn’t have the right to go after him. 

Victor tells Liesl he’s leaving town, but needed to see her one last time. He offers to give her the WSB file on Faison. In exchange, Victor wants her to go with him. Dr Obrecht refuses. 


Her family and life are in Port Charles. She asks for the file. She needs to know what Anna did to Faison. Victor agrees to give it to her in exchange for a goodbye kiss. 

An upset Anna tells Duke that Robin is leaving. She’s worried there’s more to it than what Robin told her.

Dante returns to update Anna, so Duke leaves. AJ insists Sonny was trying to kill him, but Sonny promised Michael he wouldn’t. Dante believes his father. 

Emma and Patrick throw Robin a farewell party with gifts including a framed photo. Robin assures her daughter she’ll always be in her heart and gives Emma a small telescope. Emma is certain her mother will return to her.

Robin is grateful to Patrick for putting together the farewell party. He wanted them to have a proper goodbye this time. 

Patrick isn’t ready to let her go. Robin promises it won’t be forever. 

Silas wants to see his wife, but the receptionist says he’s on her list of people not allowed in.

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Sam creates a diversion, but the two are stopped by security guards. The guards are knocked out. Sam keeps the receptionist busy, while Silas heads up to Nina’s room. 

Michael asks Sonny if he was responsible for the attack on AJ.  Sonny swears he had nothing to do with it. 

Michael says he’ll always be loyal to Sonny, but can’t turn his back on AJ.  Sonny warns him to be careful.

 Michael says AJ remembers someone else being there the night Connie died, but was too drunk to remember who. Sonny thinks AJ doesn't want to accept responsibility for what he did. 

Sonny mentions Ava saying AJ doesn't feel remorse. Michael disagrees. AJ is haunted and wonders why Sonny would trust Ava.

When Duke returns, Anna tells him Sonny may have tried to kill AJ. She wonders if Duke would know. Duke says he’s only working with Sonny to take down Julian and has nothing against AJ.

Victor arrives at Robin’s to take her away.

Dr Obrecht confronts Anna about what she did to Faison.

Shawn tells Sonny he saw AJ at Ava's place. AJ warns Ava he’s going to the police. She pulls a gun on him.