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Brad Bell Dishes March Madness on The Bold and the Beautiful!


Forget February sweeps. March is all about romance, suspense and drama on The Bold and the Beautiful!

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, showrunner Brad Bell  gives the scoop on Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Katie's (Heather Tom) upcoming sex scene, which sends Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to the bottle!

Bell also explains what's going on with creepy Aly Ashlyn Pearce). Check out an excerpt: 

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TV Guide Magazine: Ridge and Katie sealing the deal with sex (March 18) must be devastating for Brooke, no?

Bradley Bell: Brooke is completely stunned. Her head is spinning. She never loses! It's such a foreign concept to her that she could be No. 2 — and losing Ridge to her sister, Katie, of all people! When B&B started, who would have thought that little Katie with the pimples would steal away the one and only Ridge Forrester? [Laughs] It was the ultimate long shot! Brooke feels very betrayed by Katie.

Set your DVR's for that date, Kridge fans! While the grown-ups get some lovin', what's the real deal with Aly's new shift into the darkness?

TV Guide Magazine: Let's move on to your other big story — young Aly Forrester. Last time we talked, you swore that she wasn't going psycho!

Bell: And I still say she isn't! She's not exactly crazy. She's... complicated. Years ago, Aly's mother, Darla, was senselessly mowed down and killed by Taylor [Hunter Tylo], who has now come back into the picture. Taylor is a name Aly does not speak. When she sees her, there will be fireworks! She considers Taylor to be a big hypocrite — a therapist who tells people how to live their lives yet it was her drinking and irresponsibility that led to the death of Darla. And she never really paid for the crime. Aly finds the whole thing completely disgusting.

Sounds like Taylor better watch herself! To find out what Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) thinks of his ex moving on with his rival, click here!