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Perkie's Observations: Jason Comes Between Robin and Patrick on General Hospital

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Dr. Obrecht declares Anna will pay for what she’s done to Faison.  Anna claims Faison was arrested, and is in custody. Liesl shows her the file and says Faison isn’t where he’s supposed to be. 


Anna claims he was taken to a different facility. Liesl accuses her of killing Faison and disposing of his body.

Anna lists different ways she could have killed Faison and says he deserves to die. She claims maybe she let Faison live, so he could suffer for torturing her about Robin’s death. Maybe now Liesl understands what it’s like not knowing the truth?

Liesl promises she’ll make Anna pay. She makes a comment about Anna losing Robin again so soon. Anna is shocked and upset Liesl knows anything about Robin’s departure.

AJ wonders why Ava would kill Connie. She admits Connie figured out who Julian was. She's angry with AJ for remembering and worries Sonny will come after her, if he learns the truth. 

AJ and Ava fight over the gun. He knocks it from her hand onto the floor. AJ angrily grabs Ava around the neck, yelling at her that he lost everything when everyone thought he had killed Connie. 

Michael tells Monica what happened to AJ. AJ thinks Sonny was behind it, but Michael is certain it wasn’t.

Monica complains the vendetta between Sonny and AJ has gone on for years, and it puts Michael in the middle. Monica is sure AJ didn’t kill Connie, but is worried because of his drinking. 

Sonny is surprised to hear AJ went to Ava’s. He tells Shawn about the attempt on AJ’s life. Sonny thinks he should check out the situation. Shawn makes him leave his gun behind. 

Victor arrives to take Robin away. He reminds them no one is forcing her to go — she’s going for Jason.

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Patrick points out the WSB could fabricate evidence Jason is still alive. Robin is certain the evidence is real.  Victor questions Robin’s loyalty and she agrees she’s leaving. 

Patrick warns Victor if something happens to Robin, he will hunt Victor down.

Robin begs Patrick to let her go. He’s afraid for her.

Robin promises she’ll return. Patrick tells her not to make promises she may not be able to keep. The two say their goodbyes and Robin leaves. 

The clinic receptionist stops Silas from entering the room, but he pushes his way in and finds the room empty. She demands to know how they managed to access the floor. Sam says they want answers. 

Silas wonders if Nina is dead. The receptionist isn't forthcoming. Guards arrive and toss Silas and Sam out. 

Sonny gets to Ava’s in time to see AJ with his hands around her neck. He picks the gun off the floor and orders AJ to get his hands off her.

AJ wants Sonny to put the gun down, so he can explain the truth. Sonny shoots AJ in the chest. 

Robin and Victor get to the same clinic where Sam and Silas just left. Robin says she won’t start working until she sees Jason. Victor takes her into a room. Robin is thrilled to see Jason.   

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