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Perkie's Observations: Ava Frames Julian on General Hospital

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Ava wonders if AJ is dead, but Sonny checks and finds a pulse. Sonny laments over what he’s done. He failed Michael by breaking his word.

Ava tells Sonny he needs to finish the job, otherwise AJ will point the finger at both of them. Sonny figures AJ will bleed out. Ava takes the gun and wipes off the prints, leaving the gun by AJ’s body before leaving. 

Nathan explains to Anna how the pharmacist was found dead of an apparent overdose, while Silas and Sam were in town. He mentions Silas pointing the finger at Ava, but he doesn’t believe him.

 Anna points out Nathan may be so invested in Silas paying for what happened to Nina, he can’t see other suspects. Nathan counters Anna feels the same way towards the Jeromes. Anna gets a call that shots were fired at the Jerome penthouse. 

Sam and Silas discuss what could have happened to Nina. Silas is certain she’s dead. Sam feels she may simply have been moved, if someone thought they were getting too close. Someone is watching them. 

Michael asks Tracy if she’s seen AJ. He asks what happened with the intruder.


Tracy says AJ believes Sonny was behind it. Michael insists Sonny gave his word. He's certain it wasn’t him.

Tracy remembers Luke said he was going to see Sonny. She wonders why he isn’t back yet. 

Luke arrives and says he was going to see Sonny.  Michael points out Luke wasn’t at his father’s office.

Tracy says Luke’s story doesn’t add up.  Michael heads out to find AJ..

Tracy confronts Luke. He admits he lied. He didn’t go looking for Sonny. 

Ric shows up at the hospital to see Liz. He tells her he’s back to see Molly and wanted to see Liz as well.

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He admits he thinks about her all the time. They discuss her boys. 

Ric says he’ll be in town for awhile, and asks if they can grab dinner. Liz isn’t sure. Ric tells her he’s done some growing up. 

Ava thanks Sonny for saving her life. She claims AJ was going to kill her, like he did Connie.

Sonny wonders why AJ was there in the first place.  Ava claims AJ was looking for a job with Julian, and got angry with Ava. 

Sonny worries about the police. Ava tells him Julian lives with her as well. They’ll think he did it. 

Ava was in New York earlier in the day, so has an alibi. She plans on returning to strengthen it. 

Ava says the gun was registered to Julian. She wiped their prints off of it, so it will be traced back to her brother.

If AJ dies and the murder is pinned on Julian, it will solve all of Sonny’s problems, Ava persists. Sonny says it’s possible Julian had his own alibi.

Julian meets with an unknown person, before heading home to the penthouse. He finds AJ. Julian picks up the gun when he hears a noise, only to have Anna and Nathan come in with guns drawn. 

Julian swears he didn’t do it. He found AJ and the gun.

Anna asks why he would pick up the gun. Julian says he was protecting himself.

Julian points out he isn't the only one who lives there — it’s also Ava’s place. Julian says he was meeting someone.  Anna asks who. 

Liz is shocked when AJ is brought into the hospital. Felix tells her to call the family. Liz calls Michael and tells him AJ has been shot.