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Mellie Finally Gets Some Action on Scandal!

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The Way We Were

Flashbacks revealed how Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) marriage imploded after her rape. She never told him what happened, and he couldn’t understand why his wife wouldn’t touch him.

Mellie even illegally bought a bunch of pills, and tried to kill herself. Andrew (Jon Tenney) found her and saved her. Eventually, Mellie seemed grateful and told him the whole story. Later, Andrew admitted he fell in love with her. Mellie appeared to feel the same, but would not have an affair. When Andrew had her back in the present day, Mellie finally melted into his arms. 


Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz were having a lot of problems, none of which had to do with major felonies for a change. Fitz was jealous about her maybe not-so-faux relationship with Jake (Scott Foley). Meanwhile, Olivia had it with Fitz’s misogyny and total disregard for her career. 

Fitz had no qualms about how Olivia was doing a good job as his campaign manager. Despite all the personal fighting, it didn’t look like their relationship would end anytime soon. 

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Rough Day to Be Jake

Jake was pretty awesome this episode, but unfortunately for him, his life was anything but. When he wasn’t standing guard for secret Liv-Fitz hookups, he was getting screamed at by Olivia for not using his position as Command to be her 24/7 lackey. He couldn’t even have a beer when he got to their fake home after a long day because all Liv stocked was wine! 

Jake was swamped at work.  He finally came in to all the super-secret B613 files, and learned there was an informant stationed closely with an unknowing POTUS. The mole?  None other than Fitz’s trusted bodyguard, Tom (Brian Letscher)! 

It looked like Jake also might be hiring Quinn (Katie Lowes) after all, since she’s the only one who brought him evidence Sally’s campaign and Eli (Joe Morton) were working together. 

Other Tidbits:

- The shady-but-wealthy Adnan Salif (Nazanin Boniadi) bought herself into the Grant campaign/administration. Adnan was working on the behalf of Maya (Khandi Alexander). Is Mama Pope the one who wants to take down Fitz?

- David (Joshua Malina) and James (Dan Bucatinsky) managed to outwit Cyrus (Jeff Perry) for now, but it looked like the pit bull was hot on their trail.  Cy wants Plubius dead.

- Sally (Kate Burton) kept dwelling on murdering her husband.  It ooked like she was on the verge of a total mental breakdown.  

- Harrison (Columbus Short) did something worse than insider trading. Adan referred to it as “Clearwater.”  He never told Olivia, so now Adan can freely blackmail him. 

What did you think of Scandal’s latest twists?

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