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Perkie's Observations: Luke and Tracy Get Engaged on General Hospital

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Michael sits by AJ’s bedside, promising his father that he’ll find the person who did this to him.  Liz stops by and praises Michael for being there.  Michael asks for the truth about AJ’s chances.  Liz says AJ is a fighter and will get through this.

Monica interrupts Lacey’s celebration, telling them that she’s gone to every bar in town to find AJ.  Tracy reassures her that AJ will turn up.  Luke is certain whoever tried to kill AJ won’t do it again.  When Monica is less than reassured, Luke changes the subject and mentions that he and Tracy are getting married.

Monica is shocked and questions why Tracy would marry Luke again after the last two disasters.  Luke doesn’t take kindly to Monica’s question and accuses her of being a serial cheater and a slut.  Tracy is shocked and reminds Luke that AJ is missing.

Anna brings Morgan in for questioning and says he might know who’s responsible for the shooting. She asks about Ava.  Morgan says she’s in New York and shows Anna the text Ava sent him.

Morgan mentions Julian lives at the apartment, so Anna asks if Julian had dealings with AJ.  Morgan doesn’t know, so Anna asks about Sonny.  Morgan says he spoke with Sonny and that his father isn’t’ responsible.

Shawn wonders if Sonny needs to talk to his lawyer, but Sonny doesn’t want Alexis to know the truth.  He asks about AJ. Shawn tells him that AJ is hanging on in ICU.  Shawn asks if Sonny wants him to finish the job, but Sonny doesn’t.  Shawn mentions that Anna has brought in Julian.

Shawn says he’s working on Sonny’s alibi and with Ava’s alibi in place; Julian might be left holding the bag.

Alexis wants to talk to Ric about Julian.  Ric knows Alexis’ past with Julian and jokes about her taste in men.  Alexis says Julian needs a lawyer and she wants Ric to be the one.  Alexis tells him that Julian was accused of shooting AJ.  Ric says he knows about AJ since he was at the hospital visiting Liz.

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Alexis warns him away from Liz, saying she’s had enough heartache.  Ric asks why Alexis is determined to help Julian, because she doesn’t owe him anything.  Alexis says Julian is Sam’s father and that’s reason enough.

Ric agrees to see Julian, but as he’s leaving he tells Alexis that Molly wants to move in with him.

Julian wants Carlos’ help in finding out who really shot AJ.  Julian believes Ava did it and wants Carlos to get the information from her.  Carlos pretends not to know why Ava would want AJ dead.  Julian feels if anyone can get information out of Ava, its Carlos.  Carlos is sure Ava will see right through him.  Julian reminds him that he pays Carlos’ salary.

Carly stops by the hospital.  Liz tells her that Michael needs a break and promises Michael that she’ll sit with AJ while Michael’s gone.  Liz sits with AJ and tells shim that she’s sorry she bailed on him, but tshe’s there for him now.  Liz begs AJ not to give up.

Michael explains to Carly that AJ was found at Ava’s and tells her about the break in at the mansion.  He’s certain Sonny isn’t responsible.  Carly wonders where Monica is.  Michael finally gets through to Monica.

Monica and Tracy are shocked to hear that AJ has been shot.  Luke however feels that it’s karma.  After Monica leaves, Tracy admonishes Luke for what he said to Monica, but Luke says he’s angry that Monica wasn’t happy about them getting married.

Tracy says it was rude and uncalled for while Monica’s child is fighting for his life.  Luke feels Monica is the one who pushed too hard.  Tracy accuses Luke of being mean spirited and wonders what happened to him at the institute.

Carly tells Liz that Michael appreciates all that she’s doing.  Liz mentions Ric being in town, which angers Carly.  Liz is quick to remind her about Franco, so Carly backs off. Carly says she cares about Liz and wants her to be careful.

Sonny asks Duke to provide him with an alibi, but doesn’t tell him why.  Sonny swears that by doing this, it will help take Julian down.  After Sonny leaves, Anna arrives to speak with him but finds Duke.  She asks if he can account for Sonny’s whereabouts.

Ric stops by to see Julian in prison.

Sonny goes to the hospital to check on Michael.  Carly accuses him of shooting AJ.