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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "New York City Serenade"

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It’s been nearly three months since Once Upon A Time graced the airwaves on a Sunday night. The fairytale soap finally returned last night, and it was clear something wicked had taken over The Enchanted Forest. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT’s “New York City Serenade”.


Hook Gives Emma A Memory Potion

Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) made several attempts to jog Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) memory, but she kept fighting him. He managed to give her an address to a New York apartment where she might find some items to remember her past, before she had him arrested.

Emma eventually went to the apartment and knew it was Neal’s (Michael Raymond James) from a dream catcher in the window. She thought Neal was behind Hook’s sudden appearance, but changed her tune when she found a camera with Henry’s name on the strap. A curious Emma had the photos developed, and was shocked to see pictures of her and Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) in Storybrooke.

She confronted Hook with the pictures and he presented her with a potion. If Emma drank the potion, her memories of the past year would be restored. She was hesitant at first, but Hook told her to trust her gut. Emma remembered Henry telling her something similar earlier, and consumed the entire potion. In a true cop out moment, memories of Storybrooke and her journey as the savior came flooding back to Emma.


Emma Breaks Up With Her New York City “Man”

With her memories back, Emma knew she had to return to Storybrooke. However, she had to break up with her longtime boyfriend, Walsh (Christopher Gorham), first. She took him on the roof of her apartment to break the news to him. Walsh was disappointed at first, but then became enraged. He looked at Emma and uttered “I just wish you hadn’t have drank that potion”.

Immediately, Emma became confused, as Walsh tore apart the rooftop area. He continued to rant about the potion, and felt she should have just left it alone. Suddenly, Walsh’s eyes turned red and he morphed into a vicious winged creature with sharp teeth. He stalked after Emma, but she grabbed a metal pipe and knocked him in the head. He fell off the roof and disappeared into a cloud of smoke when he hit the ground.

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Flying Monkeys in The Enchanted Forest

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) caught The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) attempting to bury her heart in the ground. TEQ couldn’t handle the heartache of never seeing Henry again. Snow managed to convince her to return her heart to her chest at the chance of feeling happiness again.

As they went to rejoin the group, Snow noticed something was watching them. The creature soon appeared and it was pissed. It had red eyes, sharp teeth, big wings and a terrible attitude. The creature let out a loud scream and showed its face. It was a flying monkey! TEQ threw a fireball at it, but missed. The monkey grabbed TEQ by the leg and began to fly off with her.

However, Snow snatched TEQ’s other leg and ripped her from the monkey’s grip. Unfortunately, TEQ’s leg was scratched up pretty badly from the monkey’s claws. The monkey attempted to attack them again, but a familiar face stopped it with an arrow. Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and his Merry Men saved TEQ and Snow from the monkey.


Return To Storybrooke

Emma, Henry and Hook returned to an empty Storybrooke in her signature beat up yellow Bug. Emma left Hook and Henry in her car, while she went to her old apartment to search for her parents. She knocked on the door, and David (Josh Dallas) answered it. Emma began to explain who she was, but David remembered her. They shared a reunion, and he informed her he and Mary Margaret don’t remember the past year. They have no idea how they returned to Storybrooke, but they’re back.

Mary Margaret interrupted them, because she heard Emma from upstairs. She threw herself into Emma’s arms. Emma wondered how David knew it had been a year, but quickly found out when she saw Mary Margaret’s very pregnant belly. Shoutout to OUAT for finding a cute way to write in Ginnifer Goodwin’s real-life pregnancy.

However, I am seriously confused storywise. Are David and Mary Margaret truly back in Storybrooke from The Enchanted Forest, or is it all one elaborate illusion? I’m thinking it’s the latter, but we shall see.


Something Wicked

While everyone was in Storybrooke, someone else took up residence in The Enchanted Forest castle. The Storybrooke group discovered this when they attempted to reach The Evil Queen’s lair, which was protected by a force field.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed this person was none other than The Wicked Witch of The West (Rebecca Mader), complete with her flying monkeys. he flying monkey who fought with TEQ earlier brought TWW a drop of TEQ’s blood from the earlier fight. It was just what she needed for the next phase in her plan to control The Enchanted Forest, and possibly even Storybrooke.