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Perkie's Observations: Carly Accuses Sonny of Popping AJ on General Hospital

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Anna questions if Duke knew Sonny whereabouts the night before. AJ was shot and Sonny had motive.


Anna presses Duke, who finally claims Sonny was with him at the warehouse. Anna reminds him this may go to trial. Duke may be called upon to testify.  She asks if he’s lying to protect Sonny. 

Duke says Sonny has a purpose and it’s to destroy Julian. He’s worried Julian will come after Anna. She still doesn’t condone him working for Sonny.  Duke feels Anna is biased. Anna says Julian has no motive, whereas Sonny does. 

Carly accuses Sonny of shooting AJ. He points out she hates AJ as much as he does. Carly is worried about Michael. Did Sonny break his promise to leave AJ alone? 

Monica gets to the hospital and apologizes to Michael for being unreachable.  Michael heads out to speak to his parents. 

Tracy is upset over Luke’s treatment of Monica. He thinks she’s overreacting. Tracy says it was a vicious assault and storms out. 

Franco pays Scotty a visit. He wants to see how he is, after being locked up in Miscavige.  Franco asks about Lucy. He’s willing to listen, if Scotty wants to talk.    

Kevin tries to get amorous with Lucy. She doesn’t appear interested in her husband’s advances. Kevin thinks Lucy is distracted because of Scott.  Tracy arrives to talk to Kevin, so Lucy leaves. 

Tracy explains what happened between Luke and Monica. Kevin thinks Luke may be suffering some PTSD. Tracy believes Luke was drugged. 

Kevin decides to check with Scotty, who was with Luke. Tracy mentions how happy Lucy was when Scott was found. She warns Kevin to keep his eyes open. 

Scott tells Lucy she needs to choose between him and Kevin.  Lucy isn’t happy with the ultimatum, but promises to make a decision.  Kevin arrives to talk to Scott about what happened at Miscavige. 

 Kiki stops by the mansion looking for Michael, but finds Luke instead.  She explains things are rocky with Michael. Luke puts his hand on her knee, and says she’s too young for one man.  Kiki pulls away. Luke tells her AJ was shot and Michael is at the hospital. 

Michael asks if Sonny knows who shot AJ.  Sonny says Anna has Julian in custody. Michael is confused as to why Julian would shoot AJ.  Sonny reassures him he’s there for Michael if needed. 

Kiki arrives at the hospital and tells Michael she has a weird encounter with Luke, but she’s here for him now. Michael is upset that AJ may not make it.  Kiki tells him to have faith. 

When Tracy gets home, Luke says he wanted to buy her something to apologize for his behavior.  He says he’s protective of Tracy and would never want to hurt her. tracy accepts, but doesn’t tell Luke she spoke to Kevin. 

Franco and Carly run into each other. Carly tells him Julian is in custody for the shooting, but she’s still worried about Michael. 

Sonny finds Anna waiting for him.  He says he was with Duke and mentions Julian being in custody. Anna tells him he’s as much a suspect as Julian is, and not to leave town. 

Sonny thanks Duke for backing up his story.  Duke won't go back on his word, but admonishes Sonny for not telling him the alibi was for shooting AJ. 

Monica sits vigil by AJ’s bedside.  AJ squeezes her hand and opens his eyes. 

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