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DeVanity Marathon: The Web's Best Soap Hasn't Missed a Beat in Its Final Season (VIDEO)

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DeVanity is airing its epic fourth season, and if you've missed a devious minute now is the time to catch up! You won't be able to get enough of DeVanity's delicious betrayal, lies and of course fantastic opulence.

Jason (Michael Caruso) and Bianca's (Katie Caprio) sibling relationship has been DeVanity's emotional anchor since Season 1 and foundation is alive and well in Season 4.

Alexis Zibolis' Lara DeVanity is much-missed, but her demise provided the opening for Scarlett's (Tiffany Michelle) introduction. Scarlett's family money—through an arranged marriage to Jason—helped save DeVanity. The evolution of Jason and Scarlett's marriage in Episode 1 is one of my favorite storylines of the season thus far.

As always, Portia's (Katie Apicella) scheming provides a wonderful foil to Jason and DeVanity. She really is a thorn in his side.

Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful star Kyle Lowder returns in Episode 4 as Jason's half-brother Andrew Regis. The rivals face off in a fight scene which ends up with them dunked in the pool and Andrew shirtless.

Longtime soap favorites Andrea Evans (Vivian Price), Gordon Thomson (Preston Regis) and Dallas vixen Sheree J. Wilson (Claudia Muller) provide old-school soapyness to the season.  

DeVanity has aired four of its six episode final season. Catch up on DeVanity after the jump and be sure to tune in for its fifth episode on Thursday at

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