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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina Accuses Carlos of Shooting AJ on General Hospital

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Monica informs Michael that there is no improvement with AJ and she’s trying to find Patrick so that he can consult on the case.  Michael asks Sabrina, who says Patrick is taking a leave since Robin left, but promises to contact him.

Emma complains that Robin hasn’t called them since she left, which concerns Anna.  Patrick assures Anna that Robin is in a remote location and is certain she’ll call when she can.  Anna acknowledges that it’s difficult raising Emma on his own and offers to help.

Patrick angrily tells Anna that only Robin can fix this and Anna needs to back off which shocks Anna.  Patrick quickly apologizes, saying he’s grateful for her support but they’ll manage.

Patrick sees the Faberge egg in Emma’s hand and asks about it.  She tells him that Spencer gave it to her and that it came from Victor.  Patrick angrily asks for the egg, but Emma refuses.  Patrick says Victor is a bad man and doesn’t want gifts from him.  Emma refuses a second time, so Patrick grabs it from her hand and throws it. It breaks.

Patrick apologizes.  Emma cries that she doesn’t have the egg or her mother and says she wants her mother.  Emma does acknowledge that a puppy might make her feel better.

Ava begs Carlos not to let Julian know that she sent him to kill AJ.  Morgan arrives, worried about Ava.  Morgan asks if Ava shot AJ, but Ava swears she didn’t.  Morgan tells her about his conversation with Anna and wonders who shot AJ and why.

Tracy wants Luke to apologize to Monica and to be contrite.  Luke is still upset that Monica said he was marrying Tracy for her money.  Tracy asks Sabrina for an update on AJ and mentions the first attack.  Sabrina remembers Carlos coming into the hospital with a head injury.

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Nikolas reminds Britt that they haven’t made plans for the engagement party yet, despite sending out the invitations.  Spencer interrupts, worried about Ben. He then admits that he’s upset because Emma hasn’t called.  Nik says Emma is coping with her mother leaving so Spencer heads out, to find Emma. 

Lulu has a nightmare that Ben is her son, but Britt takes him away.  Dante’s concerned for her, but she brushes him off and decides she’ll head over to Wyndemere to see Ben.

Luke apologizes to Monica for being crude.  He admits he should have backed off and promises to pray for AJ’s mercy.  Luke runs into Kiki and offers his support in her time of need.  He gives her a hug and grabs her butt.  Kiki storms off.

Sabrina accuses Carlos of shooting AJ. She points out that she stitched him up the night of the previous attack.  Carlos says he has no reason to go after AJ.  Sabrina says she doesn’t want Carlos’s violence around her or her baby, but he swears he didn’t shoot AJ.

Lulu pays Nikolas a visit.  Britt overhears her tell Nikolas that she had a dream that Ben was her son.  She says Ben is the closest she’ll get to a child with her husband.

Anna and Dante pay Ava a visit.  She says she was in New York and lists everyone who can vouch for her.  Anna mentions the intruder at the mansion, but Ava denies any knowledge. She feigns surprise that the two attacks would be related.

Spencer asks Emma to his father’s engagement party.

Monica asks Patrick’s help with AJ’s case.  Tracy questions whether he can help AJ or not.

Dante believes Ava is lying, but that if neither the Jeromes nor Sonny is responsible, he says they’re out of suspects.  Carlos overhears as Anna says they need to find the intruder.

Ava lets herself into AJ’s room.