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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Confronts Luke on General Hospital!

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Patrick says he can only discuss AJ’s treatment with Michael and Monica and takes them to his office.  Patrick lists AJ’s options, medication or surgery, but says there are risks to both choices.  Michael asks Monica’s advice, but she says the decision is his.

Ava talks to AJ. She says she doesn’t want to kill him, but she has no choice.  She wants to tie up all the loose ends, which means AJ needs to die.  Ava grabs AJ’s breathing tube and bends it.  AJ opens his eyes and grabs Ava’s hand.  Ava runs out as alarms go off.

Luke wants to take Kiki to the cafeteria, but she gets angry when he grabs her arm.  Morgan comes to Kiki’s defense.  Kiki tells him that Luke made a pass at her.  Morgan says she needs to tell Michael, but Kiki doesn’t want to make a scene. She mentions Luke and Tracy’s engagement. Morgan promises to handle things.

Tracy tells Kevin that Luke is fine now and she doesn’t need him to look into what happened.  Kevin says he spoke to Scott. The interns dragged Luke away and he didn’t know why.  Tracy is certain it means nothing and that Luke is fine.

Sam tells Nathan to back off Silas, claiming he’s innocent.  She wants Nathan to focus his attention on Ava who was in New York when the pharmacist was killed and had motive.  Nathan says Ava had an alibi, visiting her mother and her gallery.

Nathan says Silas’ alibi doesn’t check out. His phone records show no calls made.  He wonders why Sam is willing to stand by Silas and points out that Silas never visited Nina.  Sam says they went to see her but she wasn’t there, something Nathan doesn’t seem surprised by.

Sam wants to know if Nina has been moved or if she’s dead.  When Nathan doesn’t offer answers, Sam decides she needs to investigate him.

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Nina’s mother Madeline pays Silas a visit.  She wonders why he’s so interested in Nina now.  Silas says he wanted to see her and asks what happened to Nina.  Madeline accuses him of trying to kill Nina for her money.  Silas claims he didn’t know about the will and doesn’t want her money.  Madeline asks him to sign away his rights to the will.   Silas says he’ll sign it if she tells him where Nina is.  Madeline refuses.

Sonny complains to Shawn that Michael will find out that he broke his promise and Michael will suffer.  Sonny mentions that AJ said he didn’t kill Connie and wonders if there was more to it.

Shawn is certain AJ killed Connie and then tried to kill Ava the same way.  Sonny says he appreciates Shawn’s friendship.

Michael is shocked when Monica tells him that AJ gave him power of attorney rights.  Patrick tells him that he needs to make a decision soon.  Michael sits with AJ and questions what his father would want him to do.

Morgan confronts Luke about making a pass at Kiki.  He threatens to tell Tracy.  Tracy arrives in time to ask what Morgan wants to tell her.  Morgan backs off and congratulates the couple on their engagement.

Ava goes to Sonny and warns him that there is still a chance that AJ could survive.

Sam tells Silas that they have a new suspect.  She feels Nathan is hiding something.

Madeline pays Nathan a visit.