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Scandal Recap: “No Sun on the Horizon”

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Ain’t No Sunshine

David (Joshua Malina) filled Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her associates in on the Daniel Douglas (Jack Coleman) murder. She immediately confronted Cyrus (Jeff Perry), and was furious at his actions. 

After everything they’ve been through, she was pretty desensitized to a man being murdered.  However, she was upset her promise to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), that he’d get to run a law-abiding campaign for the first time, was destroyed. 

Olivia told Cyrus she would not return to the dark shadows again, and refused to have anything to do with the cover up. 

Crisis of Faith

Since murdering her husband, Sally (Kate Burton) had lost touch with God.  She felt the only way to get back into His good graces, would be to confess on national television during a live presidential debate. 

Leo (Paul Adelstein) completely disagreed and tried everything to get Sally back on track.  He was especially motivated by Eli (Joe Morton) threatening to kill him if he didn’t accomplish this.  Leo went to Cyrus and told him to fix it.  Cyrus was also scrambling.  He turned to Jake (Scott Foley) and told B613 to murder the Vice President.  Jake was unmoved. 

Cy went to Olivia next.  Although she was loathed to do it, she went and talked sense into Sally.  Sally would only stay quiet at a sign from God.  Olivia told Fitz he’d have to throw the debate.  Fitz was livid.  At the last second, he stepped in a made himself look like an idiot, so Sally shined. 

Jake Off

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Eventually, Jake had a change of heart regarding what having a murderous VEEP would do to the Republic.  Quinn (Katie Lowes) was inducted into B613, and stole all of David’s evidence about the murder, on Jake’s order.  Covert B613 agent Tom (Brian Letscher) was to assassinate Sally if she began to confess on TV. 

When that didn’t come to pass, Jake secretly sent a text to the four people who knew about the crime, David, James (Dan Bucatinsky), the NSA woman, and the reporter.  Jake showed up and gunned them all down.  The women were the first two to go, and the screen cut to black when the third shot rang out.  Either David or James died. 


If you’re going to start shooting the group like that, it’d make the most sense to kill them all.  No witnesses.  However, since only one of the guys die, it’d be most logical to kill David.  David is a prosecutor determined to try this case.  James, on the other hand, already wanted to back off and chose his marriage over justice. 

Cyrus could control James, although James might go rouge again after his friends are murdered.  At this point, James might just stay quiet out of guilt now.  However, Cyrus has tried to have James killed before when he became a threat.  Could he have really ended the man he loved?


As for this being Scandal’s biggest “OMG” moment ever—it was not.  It’s not surprising one character would shoot others.  Pretty much every character here has blood on their hands.  Plus, they chickened out and cut to black without showing a the most shocking murder. 

There have been plenty truly scandalous scenes on this show, which happened without the ABC Scandal marketing department touting it beforehand.  Just to name a few, this show has had the President, Vice President and the Vice President’s Chief of Staff all murder other characters in cold blood, which seemed shocking each time despite the trend.  Also, last year the sitting president was shot three times, including once in the head, arriving at his own birthday party! 

The promos from the last week just cheapened this episode, and the series overall.  It felt like when a sitcom has a laugh track, letting viewers know when they, too, should laugh.  If something’s funny, we’ll laugh.  If something’s crazy-shocking, we’ll be shocked!  The audience doesn’t need advance notice. 

Burning Questions:

- When Olivia realized she’d have to go dark again, she found comfort with Jake.  They pretended to be happy, normal people in a loving relationship.  Jake offered to make it a reality, but once again, Ms. Pope chose Fitz.  Did Olivia make the right choice?

- Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) dead-on impersonation of Sally was the best thing ever—yes or yes?

- Cyrus found the bug in his office, and realized his own husband was Plubius.  He came home and apologized for everything, and for making James do what he did.  Cyrus made sure James knew he loved him, but was this really a goodbye?

- What was more irresponsible—Liv and Fitz making out in front of the open curtains, or Jake casually strolling up to murder four people, on a public street, without wearing a facemask?

What about you—did tonight’s Scandal leave your jaw on the floor, or a bitter taste in your mouth?

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