SPOILERS: Victor Raises Jack's Suspicions on The Young and the Restless




Old Smilin' Jack grills The Black Knight on his sudden interest in the health of Phyllis.

Victor: Mr. Moneybags starts to think Billy is keeping a secret about the accident with Adam

Nick/Sharon: A worried Nick takes Sharon to get a psych evaluation at the hospital. Sharon speaks with Dr. Meade and is adamant Cassie is alive and well! The good doctor informs Sharon she needs to come to terms with reality and can stop her seeing "Cassie" with shock therapy.

Victor/Nikki:  The socialite gives The Black Knight the 411 on Sharon flipping her lid. Victor wants to snatch custody of Faith. Will Nikki cosign this move? 


The heartbroken Newman heiress tells her cheating man she's heading to D.C. to visit Reed and get some space.

Neil: He has a heart-to-heart with Hilary. Later, Neil gets them on The Price Is Right.

Sharon: She gears up to tell Nick some life-altering news.

Jack: Will Jackie make nice with Kelly?