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Y&R's Eric Braeden on Victor: "The Writers Want to Knock Him Off His Pedestal"

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The Young and the Restless' Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) just can't get out of the dog house these days. The Genoa City billionaire is being grilled by the FDA. He stayed mum on his son's hit-and-run killling of Delia Abbott and hired his dead granddaughter's doppleganger to haunt his ex-wife/-daughter-in-law. Just what is going on? Braeden spoke with  TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan to give his take on what's up with his alter ego.


TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk Victor Newman. He's always up to no good but I can't recall a time when he was in so much potential hot water for so many reasons — from keeping quiet about Adam killing Delia to being investigated by the FDA to hiring Fake Cassie. The writers are really piling it on! What's up with that?

Braeden: I don't know. It may presage a kind of downfall for Victor and then a return from the ashes. I never want to know what's going to happen ahead of time. That's no temptation for me. But I do feel the writers want to knock him off his pedestal. But, in Victor's mind, it's all totally justified. He rationalizes all of it.

Braeden also weighed in on the possibility of yet another divorce for Victor and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

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TV Guide Magazine: March 24 marks Nikki and Victor's first anniversary — of their fourth marriage, that is — yet things are pretty rocky for them right now. Do you think they're heading for yet another divorce? Nikki's really had it with him.

Braeden: And he's had it with her! That's what I resent about popular culture in America! Why is it always the woman who has had it with the guy? There's a tendency in this country — dictated by revenue — to make men look like a------s. They do that in order to sell products to women. Look at most commercials! The men are portrayed as schmucks! As boobs! As doofuses! The kids are smarter than the men. The wives are smarter. It happens in comedy series all the time, too. The man is the idiot and the woman is always raising her eyebrows or rolling her eyes in exasperation. I resent the hell out of that and it ain't gonna happen with me and my character!

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