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Perkie's Observations: AJ's Fate Rests With Michael on General Hospital

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Nathan is surprised to see his mother is in town. He reminds Madeline no one can know he’s really Nina’s brother.


 Nathan tells Madeline he’s determined to get justice for Nina. She is proud of him, but wonders why he hasn’t succeeded yet. 

Nathan says there isn’t enough evidence. The pharmacist was killed. He's upset he’s letting his mother down, but she’s certain he’ll find a way to put Silas behind bars.

Michael sits by AJ’s bedside, unsure of what he should do. Sonny stops by. Michael explains it’s his decision as AJ’s power of attorney. Sonny is angry this has been put on Michael’s shoulders, but feels Michael will make the right decision.

After Michael leaves, Sonny talks to AJ. He hopes he lives for Michael’s sake, but wants AJ to die, so he can keep his son. Sonny feels he’s the better father.   

Liz finds Patrick upset over Robin’s departure. She’s certain Robin left to help save someone. That’s the woman Patrick fell in love with.

Patrick is trying to be strong for Emma, but explains how he got angry with her and scared her. Liz reassures him Emma knows her father loves her. 

Shawn is surprised TJ’s mother is in town. Jordan says she’s ready to take her son back. 

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She’s upset at the turn Shawn’s life has taken. As Sonny's muscle, he's exposing TJ to violence. 

Shawn accuses her life of being worst. Jordan admits things were bleak right after her husband died, however, she has climbed out of that hole and is ready to be TJ’s mother again. 

Sam is certain Nathan has something to hide.  Silas tells her about Madeline’s visit. 

Silas is tired of talking about the case. It’s consumed their relationship. All he wants is Sam. The two make love in his office. 

Molly and TJ find themselves alone. They want to finish what they started in the hotel rooms

Molly declares she and TJ will have sex. Her mother needs to deal with it. Alexis agrees. She tells them to have at it while she waits.  TJ decides to take off.

Molly is upset with Alexis. Alexis is she’s tired of fighting. She doesn’t want Molly moving in with Ric.

Alexis tells Molly she won’t stop them from doing what they need to do. Molly thanks her mother. Alexis is concerned by Shawn’s dangerous influence on TJ.

Michael tells Liz and Patrick he’s decided surgery is the better option. Patrick agrees to operate.

Liz wonders if his feelings for Robin will affect him. Patrick is certain he can rise to the occasion. 

Michael tells Sonny he’s decided AJ should have the surgery. He hopes he doesn’t regret that decision.