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Perkie's Observations: It's Britt's Party; She Can Be Guilty If She Wants To on General Hospital

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Britt has a nightmare about Lulu discovering the truth about Ben. She tells Nikolas it was worry about the engagement party.  After Britt leaves for the hospital, Nikolas is visited by the spirit of Emily.


Emily wants Nikolas to be happy. She wonders if this can happen with Britt. 

Emily asks if he still loves Liz. Nikolas admits he does and always will, but he’s moved on.

Nikolas loves Britt and wants a future with her, even though no one will replace Emily. Emily says she wants what’s best for him, but warns him Wyndemere parties always end in tragedy. 

Lucas tells Lulu about Julian and wonders if he should invite his father and Brad to dinner. Lulu thinks he’s doing it to test Julian.

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 Lulu tells Lucas about Ben. She dreams he’s her son, but knows she has to accept he isn’t.   

Ava catches Julian and Ric meeting at the gallery. She wonders what kind of business they have.

Julian claims he wants Ric as the gallery lawyer. Ava says she has Diane for that. Julian doesn’t think Diane can be trusted. He trusts Ric. 

Ava is suspicious because of Ric’s connection to Sonny. Ric assures her the bad blood is behind them. He promises it’s about running the gallery.  After Ric leaves, Ava demands to know what’s really going on. 

Sonny explains to Alexis about Michael and AJ. Alexis says he can tell her about AJ, but Sonny swears he wasn’t responsible. He wants to discuss Julian and Ric. Sonny explains how he thinks Ric is funding Julian. Alexis asks for proof. 

Sonny wants her to help him find out the truth from Julian. He tells her to invite Julian to the Wyndemere party.

Alexis is unwilling. Sonny says if Ric is after him, it will affect his family. 

Liz and Felix make small talk, until Brad walks up and Felix ignores him. Felix explains to Liz that he and Brad aren’t seeing each other. 

Liz says she understands about losing out. She gets a call saying Cam isn’t at school and panics. 

Brad wonders why Britt is so upset.  She says she doesn’t deserve her life. The lies are making her feel guilty.

Brad tells her to write Lulu a letter explaining everything. This will help her let go of the guilt. 

Ava questions who’s bankrolling Julian. He accuses her of going through his computer. 

She says she deserves to know. Julian answers to no one. It’s not her business.  Alexis asks to see him. 

Ric calls Liz, when he finds Cam alone at Kelly’s. Cam is upset because Emma is going to the party with Spencer. Liz arrives in time to hear Ric tell Cam never to give up and to fight for the girl. 

Brad asks Lucas to the engagement party.

Britt writes her letter to Lulu detailing everything she’s done.