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Perkie's Observations: Shawn Threatens Jordan With The Truth on General Hospital

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Michael and Monica wait for word from Patrick after AJ’s surgery. Patrick explains there was too much brain swelling to operate on the aneurysm. AJ is now in a coma. 


Monica questions whether Patrick made a mistake. Patrick reminds her things can happen in surgery that are out of his control. 

Sonny tells Ava about Michael having to make the decision for AJ. Sonny worries Michael will blame himself if AJ dies — even though it’s on him. Ava is terrified Sonny will tell Michael the truth.

Ava wants to know what the next move is. She thinks they need to finish AJ off. She’s up to her neck, as much as Sonny is. Morgan overhears part of their conversation. 

TJ is thrilled to have his mom in town, until she admits she’s come to take him home. Jordan feels TJ is better off away from Shawn’s new violent lifestyle.

TJ declares he isn't going. His life is in Port Charles now. Molly arrives and is introduces to Jordan.

Alexis asks Julian to be her date to the engagement party. He's surprised Alexis is willing to be seen with him in public. Julian wonders if there is an ulterior motive. 

He asks if it has something to do with Sonny. Alexis decides she’ll ask Ric instead. Julian stops her and agrees to take her to the party. 

Liz warns Cameron not to run off again. She tells him to wait in the conference room, while she finishes up at work.

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The mother and son run into Britt, who misplaces her confession letter. She accidentally grabs a different one on her way out.    

Luke isn’t happy Kiki told Morgan what he did. Kiki warns him to keep his hands to himself.  Luke hits on Kiki again, until Tracy walks up. She wonders what’s going on. 

Liz asks Patrick about the surgery. Patrick says AJ is in a coma and it’s his fault.

Liz reassures him it isn’t his fault. Things can go wrong. Patrick feels he may have been too distracted because of Robin. 

Michael sits at AJ’s side, blaming himself for allowing Patrick to do the riskier surgery. Monica says it isn’t his fault; both options had risks. 

Ava tells Morgan she and Sonny were discussing Julian and Ric’s meeting. Sonny says Alexis will help in finding out the truth from Julian. Morgan updates them on AJ's condition. 

Molly is thrilled to meet TJ’s mother, until she hears Jordan wants to take TJ away. Shawn pulls Jordan aside and tells her he’ll tell TJ the truth, if she doesn’t agree to let him stay. Jordan tells TJ he can stay, but that she’s staying as well. 

Tracy tells Kiki and Luke that AJ is in a coma. Kiki heads off to be with Michael. 

Tracy asks about Kiki. Luke tells her Kiki was hitting on him. He asks Tracy not to make a big deal out of it. 

Britt burns the wrong letter.

Cam gives Liz a heart he made with Britt’s letter, to give to Emma at the party. 

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