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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Heads to Spoon Island For an Engagement Party on General Hospital

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Everyone prepares for Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party.  Britt mentions she’s nervous, but Nik reassures her  he’ll stand by her the whole time.


Sam is surprised to see Alexis brought Julian as a date. TJ mentions his mother staying in town. Julian offers to give her a job. 

Ric picks up Liz for the party. He spots Cam’s paper heart. 

Liz explains.  Ric admires Cam’s tenacity. e notices writing on the heart, but Cam takes it from him before he can look closer.

Cam complains he can’t attend the party and give Emma the heart himself.  Ric offers to have Cam go with them. Liz agrees.   

Brad comments on Britt’s great life. Lucas mentions Lulu having a hard time dealing with Ben being Britt’s son. Lucas complains about the lab accidentally destroying Lulu’s embryos. Brad is about to admit the truth, when Dr. Obrecht stops him. 

Liesl is angry Brad was about to spill the beans. She reminds him what they did was illegal —  they could all go to jail.  She warns Brad to keep his mouth shut, or else. 

Lante run into Sonny and Olivia waiting for the launch. Sonny explains Spencer invited him.

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Olivia is looking forward to meeting Ben. Lulu admits she’s still getting used to the whole thing. 

Luke and Tracy arrive. Luke introduces himself to Britt, who reminds him they’ve already met.

Luke apologizes and comments on Britt’s loveliness. Tracy warns Luke about turning on the charm and being misunderstood. 

Spencer is thrilled when Emma arrives. He gets angry when she admits the Faberge egg was broken. 

Emma runs out, as Cam arrives. He gives her the paper heart. Spencer takes it and crumples it. Emma calls Spencer means and heads off with Cameron. 

Dante and his parents fawn over Ben. Olivia mentions he looks like Lulu. 

Dante asks Olivia not to tell Lulu she notices a resemblance.  Later on, Olivia does mention it to Lulu, who agrees. 

Ric comments Nik looks happy. He tells Liz to let go and move on.

Ric is certain he and Liz can be good again. Liz decides to go find Cam. 

Liesl warns Britt to keep an eye on Brad, for fear he’ll spill the beans. Brad tells Britt the secret is starting to eat at him. She tells him to take his own advice — let it go. 

Ric wonders why Sam is ignoring him. She asks that they keep the past in the past. 

Silas asks about their past. Sam tells him she slept with Ric while he was married to Alexis. 

Sonny worries Ric and Julian are plotting against him.  Alexis claims she won’t be able to get information out of Julian with Ric there. 

Nik is glad Luke came, since Lesley and Laura are overseas. Luke says he wants Nik to be happy and mentions Britt is a hot piece of ass. 

Liz looks for Cameron, but finds the crumpled heart.  Once she opens it, she reads Britt’s letter.