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Perkie's Observations: Silas Finds Out Sam Slept With Ric on General Hospital

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Liz reads the letter and is shocked by its contents.

Nikolas is upset by Luke’s crude talk of Britt.  Luke tells him to lighten up, then declares that Nikolas is from a long line of inbreds.  Nikolas angrily tells Luke to leave.

Alexis isn’t certain how to get information from Julian, but Sonny is sure she can do it for him.  Sonny heads off to console a broken hearted Spencer.  Sonny tells Spencer that he drove Emma away and that he needs to be better next time.

Cameron introduces Emma to Ric and tells him that he won her heart with his paper heart.  Julian overhears and mentions his art gallery. He asks to see the heart, but Emma mentions that Spencer destroyed it.  Ric heads off to find Liz.

Olivia admits to Dante that she said Ben looked like Lulu.  Dante’s angry with his mother and says Lulu is having a hard time accepting that Ben isn’t hers.

Tracy finds Lulu with the baby.  Lulu admits that she’s finding it hard to accept how things have turned out.  Lulu thinks this is what she deserves because of the abortion, but Tracy reminds her that pregnancy would have been lost anyway.  Tracy tells Lulu not to blame herself.

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Dr Obrecht tells Britt to deal with Brad or she will.

Sam explains to Silas her past with Ric and Alexis.  She swears she isn’t that person anymore.

Lucas wonders what’s bothering Brad.  Brad tells him that he got his job by helping Britt fix results.  Lucas figures out that Brad helped Dr. Obrecht steal Dante’s sperm.  Dr Obrecht arrives in time to stop Brad from admitting anything else and sends Lucas to find Lulu.

Ric finds Liz and reads the letter.  Liz is determined to tell Nikolas the truth so he can toss Britt to the curb.  Ric tells her that she shouldn’t tell Nikolas first, but rather Lulu.

Alexis asks Julian what he and Ric were discussing.  Julian says they were talking about Lucas.  Julian gets a text and Alexis accidentally spills a drink on his so she can read the text.

Liz tells Lulu that she has something important to tell her.

Alexis heads out to find Julian but finds Ric with Cameron instead.

Julian goes to the stables to meet his contact, which turns out to be Luke.