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Death Becomes Practically Everyone on Scandal

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Who Got Shot?

It was James (Dan Bucatinsky)!  Despite making a run for it, James was the third person killed by Jake (Scott Foley). David (Joshua Malina) was intimidated into staying quiet. Jake made the two girls’ bodies disappear, and made James’ death look like a carjacking. David took over the case, to help cover it up. 

Olivia (Kerry Washington) wanted justice for James.  She soon figured out it was really a hit, and that Jake was the perpetrator. She vowed to take down B613. Jake will never let that happen. The resulting conflict will be great!

David Rosen, Army of Two

David was being pressured to arrest a patsy for James’ murder. He didn’t want to send an innocent man to prison. He was also suffering a lot of survivor’s guilt. 

Eventually, he broke down and told Abby (Darby Stanchfield) the truth. She in turn told Liv. Olivia met him and asked him to “lose the battle, so we can win the war.”  Olivia and David teamed up to demolish B613. The patsy was arrested. 

Trapped in the Closet

Charming flashbacks revealed how plucky reporter James seduced a closeted, divorced Cyrus (Jeff Perry) during the last Grant campaign.  After Grant won, James was the catalyst for Cyrus coming out.  The relationship was in trouble because James didn’t want to be a secret anymore.  In the end, Cyrus came out in a very big way, with the full support of the President.

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Shooting to Win

When Sally (Kate Burton) tried taking advantage of Grant’s mourning period and steal the gun lobby, Andrew (Jon Tenney) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) were sent in to keep the status quo. A flirtatious shooting jaunt and a successful appearance had the two feeling good. 

However, after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) decided to endorse gun control, Mellie and Andrew got tipsy together. Fun debate about gun control—Andrew was for it, Mellie thought anyone should be able to get one right that second—led to Mellie and Andrew finally giving into temptation and sleeping together. 

Huckleberry Yuck

Huck (Guillermo Diaz) found out Quinn (Katie Lowes) stole the Daniel Douglas evidence, which led to a big confrontation with Quinn. The angry row soon turned into a hookup. 

Adding to the gross factor, was the hookup only happened after Huck told Quinn he’d surprised her at her apartment to kill her, roughed her up, had her pinned against the wall, and then came on to her.  Despite the creeper vibes, Huck seemed shocked by his attraction to Quinn, and left.  


I do not like this couple. Not only do I see no chemistry, there’s a lot of unsettling history between them. Huck helped ruin her life, tortured her and there was definitely a sexual overtone, with the whole face-licking incident. 

Now that she knows his true feelings, will Quinn exploit this new connection to Huck for B613? 


James’ death scene was one of the saddest in TV history. Because it had to look like amateurish, it took James a long time to die. Jake sat with him. He said he was sorry and told James how long it would take to expire. He also promised a crying, bloody James his daughter was safe, and would be cared for. 

Adan (Nazanin Boniadi) and Maya (Khandi Alexander) teamed up for something so shady it required outsourcing to a terrorist,  a real terrorist, since Mama Pope revealed she only blew up that plan for “personal” reasons. 

Also, Ethan (Vanya Asher), Cyrus’ assistant, is definitely my favorite character.  I hope Scandal starts using him more, and that they don’t just kill him!

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