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Perkie's Observations: Lulu FINALLY Learns Ben is Her Son on General Hospital!

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Liz tells Lulu about Britt's lies. She has proof Ben is Lulu’s son.


Lulu doesn’t believe it, but Liz tells her Britt stole the embryos and had them implanted. Lulu reads the letter and is shocked by the truth. 

Lulu says she felt a connection with Ben and realizes it’s because she’s his mother. Lulu declares she’s going to get her son. 

Julian reminds Luke no one is supposed to know they’re working together. Luke berates Julian for not giving him results in taking Sonny down. 

Luke complains Julian failed in getting ELQ, saying he needs a controlling interest in a legitimate business. Julian says it will take time to dismantle Sonny’s organization. Luke says he has a plan. 

Ric wonders who Alexis thought he was meeting with. Alexis admits she thought it was Julian. 

Ric says he did her a favor by representing Julian in AJ’s case. He’s now dealing with Julian’s legitimate holdings, namely the gallery. 

Sonny arrives. Ric accuses him of sending Alexis after him. 

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Ric says he used to give Sonny power, but he’s changed and doesn’t want bad blood between them anymore.  Ric is only Julian’s legal counsel. If someone is after Sonny, it isn't him.  Alexis believes Ric and tells Sonny he’s not Julian’s partner. 

Tracy tells Lucas she was with Lulu and Dr. Obrecht lied about Lulu needing to see him.  Lucas heads back to find Brad, while Tracy heads off to look for Luke. 

Dr. Obrecht pulls a knife on Brad, who’s quick to declare he won’t say anything about Ben to anyone. Liesl feels his will is weak. She wants a proper relationship with Britt.  Dr. Obrecht pushes Brad off the parapet, but he lands in a pile of hay. 

Lucas comes across Liesl pulling Brad out of the hay.  She claims he got dizzy on the parapet. 

Dante explains Lulu feels like an outsider regarding Ben and is trying to keep her distance. Britt tells him Lulu was just with Ben and didn’t seem upset. 

Julian questions whether Luke has problems crossing the line. Luke says he’ll do whatever it takes. 

Tracy overhears the conversation.  She wonders why he’s meeting with Julian. 

Luke claims he wanted to have a smoke. Julian crashed his party. 

Luke lies, saying he was telling Julian to do right by Lucas. Tracy leaves and Luke warns Julian to get results. After they leave, Spencer comes out of hiding. 

Tracy overhears Sonny telling someone he’s looking for Julian. Tracy tears a strip off of Sonny, saying he confuses brutality with power and, while he lasted longer than most, he’s nothing more than a thug.  Tracy tells him she saw Julian with Luke. 

Alexis tells Julian she was looking for him.  Liz tells Ric about Lulu knowing the truth.

Nik gives a speech to the gathering about what it means to him to have Britt and Ben join his family.

Lulu storms in demanding Britt get her hands off her son.