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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Takes Britt DOWN on General Hospital!

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Lulu demands Britt give her back her son. Both Nikolas and Dante try to convince her Ben isn’t hers.

Dr. Obrecht quickly grabs Ben and takes him out of the room. Lulu declares she has proof Britt stole their embryos to get pregnant. 

Liz tells Ric about Lulu leaving to get Ben. She worries about the fallout.


Ric tells her Alexis thinks he’s working with Julian. He swears he isn’t. 

Ric suggests they leave. When Liz hesitates, he thinks she wants this to be her chance with Nikolas. 

Sonny wonders why Luke would be talking to Julian. Luke says he ran into Julian by accident and discussed Lucas. 

Sonny asks Tracy to leave. He asks Luke if Julian mentioned anything about a backer. Sonny thinks Ric is the backer. 

Sonny thinks it’s personal. Ric has the ability to wreck him.

Luke encourages Sonny to take Ric out. Sonny finds this extreme.

Sonny decides he needs proof. Luke is certain he’ll lose his advantage.  Sonny feels he needs to give Ric the benefit of the doubt. 

Dr Obrecht is not happy to find Liz and Ric in Ben’s room. Liz tells her Ben isn’t her grandson. Liesl claims no one believes Lulu’s rantings. Liz shows her the letter as proof and heads down to the party. 

Lulu says she has Britt’s confession in writing. She accuses Brad of being in on it.

Britt demands to see the letter, as Liz arrives with it. Nikolas reads it and asks if Britt wrote it. Liz snarks Britt won’t tell the truth. Nikolas turns on Liz. 

Julian takes Alexis home. He realizes they have the place to themselves.

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 Alexis wants to know where he disappeared to. She wants to know if he’s working with Ric to take Sonny down. 

Julian says Ric is dealing with his legitimate businesses. He didn’t know Ric before she introduced them.

 When Alexis doesn’t believe him, Julian tells her to go to hell. Alexis reminds him about his previous identity. Julian admits he hated lying to her back then. 

Julian says everything since the reveal has been the truth. He accuses her of always pushing him away. 

The two kiss until she pulls away. Julian says he’s leaving and not coming back.  Alexis grabs him and the two kiss again. 

Sam and Silas discover his apartment has been ransacked. Nathan is inside.

Nathan claims he was called by neighbors. Sam accuses him of being behind the break-in. Nathan claims he isn’t a dirty cop.  Silas says he knows who did it.    

Nikolas accuses Liz of enjoying herself. He calls her a hypocrite, who is no better than the rest of them.

Liz can’t understand why he’s mad at her. Was she supposed to let Lulu suffer?

Nikolas says she could have done this in private, instead of a public scene. He tells Liz to leave.

Liz reminds the prince that Britt is the one lying to him. Ric ushers Liz out. 

Dante demands the truth from Britt.She finally admits Lulu is Ben’s mother. 

Britt becomes hysterical. She claims she loves Ben so much. Dante angrily says he almost lost his wife because of this. Lucas demands to know how involved Brad was.

Lulu and Dante head out to get Ben. Nikolas restrains Britt. Lulu and Dante find Ben missing.