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The Good Wife Stars React to Shocking Story Twist (VIDEO)

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SPOILER ALERT: The aftermath of Will Gardner's shocking death and the exit of Josh Charles from The Good Wife is still being felt around the web. The Hollywood Reporter featured a Q&A with former Weeds star Hunter Parish, whose character Jeffrey gunned down Will and others in court. 

Will we see retribution for your character in the next episode, which I imagine fills in a lot of blanks?

That's exactly right. [In the next episode] they talk to the security guard and they talk to this person and that person. Clearly we see what Julianna [Margulies]' character,

Alicia Florrick, goes through. There are a couple of moments where they say, "What the heck, kid? What did you do, and why? We were about to prove your innocence, what were you thinking?" It gets pretty tragic.

Julianna Margulies answered questions on The Good Wife's official Facebook page and shared what Charles meant to her.

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You can't imagine how sad we all are to lose Josh, but we have been living with this a lot longer then the audience so it's not as harsh for us at this moment. Josh is one of the best actors I have ever worked with and I will miss him every day. But his death makes the character of Alicia have to move in a different direction and that is very exciting.

The Hollywood Reporter also features Christine Baranski talking about Diane and Will's relationship.

"It was like my husband telling me he was going to leave," Christine Baranski said, whose character, Diane Lockhart, takes on Will's attitude in being more "opportunistic" and "survivalistic." "I just didn't want to hear it. I'm still sad, very sad. I feel it as a loss of a family member."

Meanwhile, Charles dropped by the Late Show with David Letterman. He talked about his time on The Good Wife and how Will went out with a bang. Watch the clip below.