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Perkie's Observations: Britt's World Crumbles on General Hospital

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Nikolas yells at Britt because she stole Lulu’s baby.  Britt swears it was just the embryo she was desperate and her mother convinced her.  Nikolas tells her to stop blaming Liesl for everything.  Britt then blames Maxie for not giving Lante the baby she promised them.

Britt says it’s her job to give people babies and she had no personal connection with Lante.  She says she tried to make it up to them.  Nikolas wonders how she can live with herself.

Britt says Nikolas’s love changed her, but he claims she lied all the time they were together.  He can’t understand how he believed her every time her story changed. He feels the only one looking out for him was Liz.

Britt snarks about Liz, which angers Nikolas even more.  Nikolas decides that the wedding is off. He asks for the ring back which upsets Britt even more.  Britt says she was honest about her feelings for Nikolas and that she loves Ben.  Nikolas wants her out of the house and starts to drag her out.

Lulu and Dante are shocked to see that Dr. Obrecht has Ben and has no intention of giving him to them.  Lulu says Britt confessed and Dante swears she’ll pay for what she’s done.

Dr. Obrecht says she’s doing right by Britt for the first time and pulls a knife. She tells Dante to back off or she’ll do what needs to be done.  Lulu begs Dante to let Liesl go for fear of what she’ll do.

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Ric wants Liz to let Nikolas go, saying Nikolas turned on her and humiliated her.  Liz is quick to defend Nikolas, but Ric insists she didn’t’ deserve it and that she should be with him instead.  Liz accuses him of making his share of mistakes.  Ric swears it’s all in the past.

Ric reminds her of their first kiss and the two reminisce.  Ric and Liz kiss.  Ric says they can be good again and asks to be with her.  Liz questions his desire to sleep with her after only one date. Ric says they have history.  Liz says she can’t and Ric feels that it’s about Nikolas.

Ric again says Nikolas isn’t allowed to treat her the way that he did, but Liz defends Nikolas again. She says they’ve been in each other’s lives for years and will find a way to forgive.  Ric declares that he’s not giving up on her.

Lucas demands to know the truth from Brad, who finally admits he was involved in Britt’s scam.  He swears he was going to tell Lucas the truth, but Dr Obrecht threatened to kill him if he did.  Lucas tells Brad he no longer wants to see him.

Silas believes Madeline was the one who broke into his apartment. He explains to Sam and Nathan how she wanted him to sign over his rights to the will.  He says he was willing if she would let his see Nina, but she refused.  Nathan decides to find out what Madeline is up to.

Madeline meets Carly at the Metro Court bar. She complains about her son in law and how he hurt her daughter.  Carly commiserates, complaining how AJ is ruining Michael’s life.

Nathan arrives to speak with Madeline and asks if she broke into Silas’ apartment.  Madeline denies it.  Nathan shows the legal papers and wonders what she’s hiding.  Nathan says Silas was going to sign them if he could see Nina.  Madeline admits that Nina is dead.

Britt decides she needs to say goodbye to Ben as Lulu and Dante come running and tell them that Dr. Obrecht took Ben.