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Perkie's Observations: The Hunt For Obrecht and Ben Begins on General Hospital

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Dante reassures Lulu the entire force is looking for Dr. Obrecht and Ben. He orders Britt to tell him where they are.


Britt swears she has no idea. Her mother took Ben without her knowledge.

Dante believes mother and daughter had a plan in place. Britt denies this.

Dante places her under arrest for stealing the embryos. Britt begs for Nikolas’ help. He says she’s on her own. 

Anna tells Nathan that Dr. Obrecht took Ben. She notices he’s distracted.

He tells her Nina Clay has died. He angrily declares he needs to get justice for her. Anna wonders why he’s taking this so hard. 

Carly tells Sonny that AJ is still in a coma. She asks again if he’s the shooter, pointing out it will destroy Michael if AJ wakes up and tells them. 

Sonny denies it. Olivia arrives and tells them Ben was kidnapped. Sonny puts out a call for help from his network. 

Madeline  and Sam snark at one other. Madeline wants Silas to sign the release papers. He wants to know Nina’s whereabouts. 

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Madeline admits Nina died three weeks ago. She shows them the death certificate.  Silas is upset by the news. Madeline believes it’s all fake. 

Madeline is angry all the money now goes to Silas. He says he never wanted the money, grabs the paper and signs it.

Madeline doesn’t think this changes who Silas really is. Sam tells her to focus on Ava. 

Kiki finds Ava at AJ’s door. Ava asks if there has been any change.

Kiki says AJ likely won’t regain consciousness. Michael blames himself. Ava claims she’s guilty, because she was on her business trip when the shooting happened in her apartment. 

Ava swears she had nothing to do with what happened to Nina, or framing Silas. She begs Kiki to believe her. Kiki doesn’t think her mother is capable of murder.

Carly arrives. She and Ava argue, before Ava leaves. 

Nikolas reassures Lulu that Dr. Obrecht loves Ben. She won’t hurt him.  

The prince feels responsible for believing Britt’s lies. Lulu thinks this is karma coming back to her. 

Dante brings Britt into the station. He tells her to call her mother to find out where she is. 

Britt calls her mother and leaves her a message. She tells Dante she loves Ben, and hopes Liesl calls. The phone rings. 

Ava calls Sonny. She informs him AJ might not pull through. 

Carly talks to AJ, telling him she hates him. She never saw him as Michael’s father.

She’s angry Michael will blame himself, if AJ dies. Carly says she believes Sonny shot him.  AJ’s eyes open.