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Perkie's Observations: AJ Wakes Up on General Hospital

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Carly is shocked when AJ opens his eyes.  She tells him that he’s been in a coma for days and tries to get a doctor. AJ stops her and says he needs to tell her who did this to him.  AJ says Sonny shot him, because of Ava.  Carly wonders what Ava has to do with it.

Britt gets a call from her mother and tries to get Liesl to announcer her whereabouts.  Before Dr. Obrecht can say, Lulu storms into the room. Liesl quickly realizes that Britt’s in custody and hangs up.  It turns out Liesl is holding a gun on Liz.

Lulu’s upset that she messed up the call then turns on Britt.  Lulu says Britt took an oath to help people, but that she feels violated.  Lulu accuses Britt of not caring who she hurt.  Britt points out that she’s lost everything. Lulu accuses her of being selfish and claims she’ll make Britt pay.

Lulu attacks Britt, but Dante pulls her off and assures her they’ll find Ben.

Sam stops by to see Nikolas and is shocked to hear what happened after she left the party.  Nik tells her that he took the ring back and Britt’s in custody.  Nikolas is angry that he was so wrong but Sam says he trusted Britt and loved her.

Nikolas mentions how he brought her into everyone’s lives, especially Spencer and how angry he got with Elizabeth.  Sam tells him that Liz will forgive him and that he needs to apologize to her.

Ava runs into Silas and tells him she and Kiki had a breakthrough. Their her daughter knows she’s not a murderer.  Ava says she had nothing to do with Nina’s coma.  Silas says Nina has died which makes someone a murderer.  Ava offers her condolences, but Silas isn’t interested.

Michael continues to blame himself for AJ’s condition, saying he should have chosen the medicine over the surgery.  Kiki reminds him that only the shooter is responsible and that Michael made the best choice that he could.

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Michael wonders why AJ was at Ava’s in the first place.  Kiki tells him that AJ was likely looking for a job with Julian, but Michael doesn’t believe it.

Sonny’s concerned for Michael, which angers Olivia, who thinks he should be equally concerned for Dante and Ben.  She accuses him of focusing more on Michael, something Sonny denies.    Sonny says he feels powerless but needs to go to the hospital.

Monica prevents Sonny from going to AJ’s room.  Sonny says he’s worried about Michael, but Monica doesn’t want to hear it.  She accuses Sonny of making both her boys lives miserable and exploited AJ’s weakness.  Monica comments that she thinks Sonny could be the shooter then tells him to leave.

Liesl is angry with Liz for showing everyone the letter.  She accuses Liz of doing it to get Nikolas back.  Liz says Britt’s in trouble, but Liesl is certain she can get her daughter out.

Nathan finds Silas and tells him that his alibi for when the pharmacist holds up, even though he still feels Silas could have done it.  Silas points to Ava, who reminds them she too had an alibi and stalks off.

Nathan tells Silas that Ava’s alibi checks out but Silas doesn’t believe it.  Nathan admits that it’s possible that Silas didn’t kill either Nina or the pharmacist.  Silas says someone is setting him up as Sam arrives.  Nathan says Ava’s doing a good job of covering her tracks.  Sam thinks she has a way of taking Ava down.

Ava tells Sonny that the longer AJ stays in a coma the better the chances are that he’ll die.  Sonny’s worried how AJ’s death will affect Michael.

Nikolas shows up at Liz’s door unaware that Dr Obrecht and Ben are inside.

Michael and Monica get back to AJ as he passes out and starts to code.