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Scandal Recap: “Mama Said Knock You Out”

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Terrible Teens

The Grant kids, Jerry (Dylan Minnette) and Karen (Madeline Carroll), were finally allowed out of boarding school for a visit.  They came home for a live family interview, to help score some votes.  They were not happy about it. 

Karen was disgusted with her father for being a cheater, and at her mom for staying with him.  Jerry had started a Grant parody Twitter account that likened POTUS to Hitler, and was planning on wearing a pro-Reston T-shirt for the interview. 

Also not helping matters was their parents’ hands-off approach to raising them, and general lack of interest unless it’s election time.  After another bombshell rocked the kids, they refused to do the interview altogether. 

Sure, the teens were annoying, but not really in the wrong.  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) are pretty horrible.  I’m just glad we finally got to see the Grant kids after three seasons.  It was getting pretty ridiculous.  I hope the two are given something more to do down the line besides play “rebellious teen.” 

Let’s Get It On, Baby

While Fitz and Olivia (Kerry Washington) were sexing it up in the Oval, Mellie and Andrew (Jon Tenney) were getting it on in a living room.  More than once!  With all the raging hormones, the grownups seemed like the teenagers. 

Unfortunately for Karen, who’s presumably scared for life now, her parents have yet to master the “locking of the door.”  Karen walked in on Mellie and Andrew in the moment, which led to the teen whining something that will forever live in Scandal infamy: “You were on your knees with Uncle Andrew!” 

After that the kids refused to do the interview, and before Olivia could fix things, Fitz demanded to know why.  Karen spilled the beans. 

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President Judgey McJudgerson

After learning of Mellie’s affair, Fitz barged into Andrew’s meeting and punched him in the face!  Then, the two adulterous Grants hashed it out alone (while Olivia awkwardly overheard everything). 

Fitz blamed Mellie for ruining their marriage, when she said she was no longer sexual and stopped sleeping with him.  Fitz now knew that was a lie, and said he never would have turned to Olivia otherwise.  Fitz wanted an explanation, and Mellie looked like she was on the verge of revealing her rape, but then the moment passed. 

This was a little tough to swallow since I remember last season.  Mellie was always down for some lovin’ with her hubby whenever he’d have her.  Plus, once again Fitz blames everyone but himself.  Shocker. 

Also, I don’t know how much worse Olivia could feel about her relationship with Fitz at this point.  I’m going to need a swelling, romantic moment scored to “The Light” by The Album Leaf pronto because it’s getting way too hard to ship Olitz.  At this point I just want to ship Olivia x Surrounding Herself With People Who Don’t Treat Her Like Garbage.

Anyway, Olivia got the family to sit down and talk things out in the minutes before the interview, so they could go out and be “The First Family.”  Even baby Teddy made an appearance. 

Mama Pope Madness

Maya  (Khandi Alexander) and Adnan (Nazanin Boniadi) were still working together.  Adnan tricked Harrison (Columbus Short) into thinking she was ditching Maya, so they could steal Olivia’s files. 

Now they knew the President’s campaign schedule, and all of his contingency plans.  Scandal’s already sorta-assassinated the president, could a POTUS kidnapping be in the works?  I…hope not.  How many sharks can you jump, Scandal, how many?! 


Agent Perkins

Charlie (George Newbern) was jealous about Huck (Guillermo Diaz) creeping on Quinn (Katie Lowes).  Quinn was being weird about it, so Charlie became a clinger and moved in with Quinn, without asking first, in order to “protect” her.  Huck kept trying to get Quinn out of B613, and she called him out for his behavior, but also kind of led him on, before cutting ties again. 

Charlie and Quinn also kidnapped and tortured one of the Russian baddies from last week who was working with Maya and Adnan.  Fitz wanted Jake (Scott Foley) to turn him over for a public arrest, but Jake refused.  Later, Jake also found out about the stolen files, but wanted observe more before interfering. 

Show Me the Money

Olivia and her associates additionally tried to find out how B613 got funded.  Eli (Joe Morton) stepped in and told her to stop looking because it was really obvious what she was doing, and he didn’t want her killed.  He’d had to use old connections to make her inquiries go away. 

Jake later confronted him about talking to old contacts, and threatened to kill him if he didn’t stay retired.  Eli retaliated by telling Olivia how B613 was funded—they got a little money from each government agency, it wasn’t any one source.  How will the new info help Olivia dismantle the organization?   

A Neutered Pitbull

Meanwhile, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was back at work, but still not his old self.  When he bumped into Jake in the Oval, he tried killing him, but was restrained.  He came clean to the President about why James was really killed. 

Grant was no stranger to his administration murdering someone, so he didn’t seem outraged about Sally (Kate Burton) or any of this.  Although, he did seem genuinely concerned for Cyrus.  The broken Chief-of-Staff even went home early so he could play with his daughter. 

Best Line: “Glass houses, Olivia.”  —Andrew to Olivia after she told him to back off The First Lady to avoid another sex scandal within the campaign.  Really, Liv, that was nervy!

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