Perkie's Observations: AJ and Emily's Ghosts Give Monica Peace on General Hospital


Monica sits by AJ's bedside, upset that she has to say goodbye to one more family member.  Ghost Emily appears to comfort her mother.  Monica worries that AJ's life was such turmoil and wishes he'd found peace.  Ghost AJ appears and reassures his mother that he's now at peace.  AJ thanks his mother for giving him a second chance at life and saving him.

Carly tells Sonny that she knows he shot AJ and she believes what AJ told her.  Sonny finally admits it, but then begs Carly not to tell Michael.  Carly says she can't promise that.  Sonny and Carly go down memory lane, remembering losing their baby, getting married and their true feelings for each other.  Once their done, Sonny again asks Carly to have his back, but Carly wants to be honest with Michael.  Carly says she needs time to process things. 

Lucy's distracted by thoughts of Scotty.  Kevin thinks she's worried about the Nurse's Ball and promises to help her.  Lucy tells Felicia that she cares for Scotty, but that he gave her an ultimatum and she can't decide. She loves them both. 

Bobbie meets with Scotty, upset that she and Noah have broken up because he cheated on her.  Scotty admits that he's a homewrecker. Bobbie guesses that he's cheating with Lucy. 

Lucy finds Scotty and tells him that she's made a decision and has chosn Kevin but would like to remain friends.  Scotty is interested in more than friendship and thinks they could have been happy.  Lucy heads back to Kevin, happy with her decision. 

Monica decides she wants to go with her children, but they are quick to point out that she needs to stay for Michael and Danny.  Monica agrees then asks AJ who is responsible for his death.  AJ says she'll be proud when the truth comes out and tells her to stay strong. 

Emily leads AJ to his final resting place, along with Lila, Edward and Allan.