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This is What General Hospital's "Growing" Quartermaine Family Looks Like

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During General Hospital's 51st Anniversary, we watched as AJ (Sean Kanan) joined Edward (John Ingle), Lila (Anna Lee), Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily (Natalia Livingston) by walking into the light. Prior to AJ's walk up the General Hospital stairs he and Emily appeared to Monica (Leslie Charleson) and convinced her she shouldn't join them in the ever after. The reason: their family was "growing" thanks to Michael (Chad Duell) and Danny and she needed to be there for them.

If you are a long time follower of Daytime Confidential you know we've been a strong supporter of the Quartermaine family since Day 1 of this site. There is no soap family that makes me more passionate. We even featured a Save the Quartermaines campaign, because under previous regimes the family was nearly decimated. We cheered Cartini reviving the Quartermaines, though sometimes their storylines fell flat, i.e. Pickle Lila.

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Yesterday's General Hospital was a poignant episode and if it would have been for anyone other than a Quartermaine it would have been a nearly perfect sendoff for a popular character. However, as beautiful as it was, I couldn't get past AJ telling Monica the Quartermaines were "growing." Technically the Quartermaines are growing. If you count one in diapers and the other, a dupable Michael (Chad Duell) who has spent most of his life in Sonny's (Maurice Benard) storylines.

If we look at the actual state of the Quartermaines (see photo above) a different picture emerges. It is not one of growth. It is one of errosive onscreen decline. This was not an episode that left me celebrating the Quartermaines' growth or General Hospital's 51st Anniversary. It left me numb and mad. Another Quartermaine is dead.

Yes, the Carlypalooza was awesome, but saying the Quartermaines are "growing" is like saying a tree provides shade when a sprout is growing out of a stump.