EXCLUSIVE: Y&R's Kristoff St. John, Bryton James and Mishael Morgan on The Love Triangle That Could Wreck The Winters


The Winters have been Genoa City’s paragons of virtue for far too long on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) biggest problem of late was he wanted to get married, but his girlfriend didn’t. When Devon (Bryton James) inherited billions, instead of partying, he felt guilty. Lily (Christel Khalil) had been a saintly martyr for years.


Fortunately, Hurricane Hilary (Mishael Morgan) blew into town and shook them up. First, she brought out the bitch in Lily, by attempting to seduce her husband as part of a convoluted revenge plot. Now both Devon and Neil are falling for her!

Suddenly, the Winters are giving the Newmans a run for their money in the drama department. At Y&R's 41st anniversary celebration, St. John, James and Morgan dished the upcoming love triangle that has the potential to start a civil war in the Winters family.

”The character of Neil, who is so unlucky in love and continues to be unlucky in love, fortunately or unfortunately, is now going after the only other black female in town,” says St. John. Fortunately, Neil and Hilary's relationship is based on more than a shared ethnicity. “The fact remains, she tried to literally kill this man and his family and I’m not sure that is it Shakespearian in design that we now have these two  people who are possibly star-crossed lovers. Are they the Capulets and the Montagues? I don’t know if it’s that deep. This is a soap opera. But it makes for good story.”

Morgan thinks there are solid reasons why Hilary is drawn to Neil. “Hilary is going through so much with this transition [into being a better person] and changing her life and everything like that. I feel like Neil would be great for her, because he’s so grounded.”

The actress does acknowledge Neil being with her mother the night before her death makes their possible romance a little bit twisted. “That is a little creepy. I thought about that. But I guess you can’t choose who you fall in love with.”

Neil’s son Devon has a lot less baggage and a lot more money. Morgan acknowledges, “That [wealth] adds to the attraction for sure, but I feel like she’s pretty reformed. She’s pretty down to earth. She’s trying to go after the right things or at least do the right things to the best of her ability right now.”

According to James, Devon is finally acting like a twentysomething billionaire —hooking up with models and buying sports cars—because he’s fighting his attraction to Hilary. “I think the only reason he [slept with Esmerelda] is because of what he was feeling about Hilary from the gala. I think he got a little stung from thinking she was interested in someone else so he was trying to mask his own feelings.”


James likes the idea of battling his father for a woman. “It would be great to play that kind of dynamic with Kristoff because we’ve never really been at odds with each other since we first came on the show and he didn’t want me to be adopted into the family. Since then, we’ve always been pillars of support for each other no matter what. Back when I slept with Tyra, we had a show and half where we were dealing with what it would be like for two men to cross paths with the same women.”

James would now like to explore the scenario in more depth. "Devon’s older. They can come at each other as equals and fight over someone if that’s the way that they go. I think Devon needs to get up the courage to actually go after what he wants because he’s been beating around the bush with his feelings about Hilary.”

St. John isn’t sure Neil would be willing to be a rival to his son. “Would this man, who is such a good father—who is supposedly a good father—trade in his relationship with his son, if indeed that’s where they go with it, for another woman? I don’t think so. I think he is noble to a fault. He is not a Victor Newman. Jack Abbott has more nobility than Victor, but Neil for some reason has become this voice of reason, the calm in the storm and would not exchange his relationship with his son for another woman.”

St. John did acknowledged this is a soap.’It makes for good television, I guess.”