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Perkie's Observations: Will Ava Fall into Silas and Sam's Trap on General Hospital?

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Lulu worries that they haven’t found Ben yet, but Dante assures her that everything is being done.  Both are surprised that Britt is being released, thanks to Diane. Diane reveals Dr Obrecht hired her. 

Dante says Liesl kidnapped Ben. Diane says Britt wasn’t involved in the kidnapping. Dante says he arrested Britt for stealing the embryos. Diane says that’s not a crime, because there is no law against it in New York.  Dante refuses to release Britt so Diane heads out to get a court order. 

Liz is upset when Dr. Obrecht shows her the newspaper that says AJ has died.  Liz feels she should have been there for AJ.  Dr. Obrecht says she’s doing everything so that Britt can have a life with her child. 

Liesl says Diane will release Britt and she will have a happy ending with Ben.  Liz wonders if they’ll spend their lives as fugitives and mentions Liesl will be fired.  Dr Obrecht is certain she’ll survive this mess. 

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Julian wonders if Ava is so happy because of AJ’s death. She says she doesn’t care either way.  Julian accuses her of being the shooter but Ava denies it, saying she has an alibi.  

Carly is woken from a dream about AJ’s death and Sonny involvement.  She tells Franco that she was with AJ when he died and that something happened.  Franco asks her to trust him enough to tell him.

Sonny tells Shawn that Carly knows he’s the shooter. He hopes he can convince her not to say anything.

Jordan’s happy to be with TJ and tells him that she needs a job so she can be the mother she needs to be.  Jordan heads over to the gallery and applies for a manager position.  Ava isn’t happy with the resume until Jordan says she’s trying to reconnect with her son.  Ava hires Jordan.  Julian worries that Jordan is a plant. He shows Ava the article about the pharmacist. 

Silas and Sam give Nathan an update about trying to trap Ava. Julian sends Sam a text that Ava has seen the article. 

Diane returns with a court order to release Britt.  Lulu storms off and heads to Liz’. 

Sonny shows up at Carly’s room before she gets a chance to tell Franco.  Carly asks for time alone with Sonny, so Franco reluctantly leaves.  Sonny demands to know what Carly will do.