Perkie's Observations: Dante and Lulu's Search For Ben Continues on General Hospital


Lulu appears at Liz’s door. Dr. Obrecht warns Liz to keep quiet about her presence.  Lulu tells Liz that Diane released Britt and worries about Ben.  Liz reassures her that Dr. O will not hurt Ben. She says Lulu would feel it in her heart if something bad had happened.

Nikolas is surprised to see Britt has been released.  Dante explains that stealing embryos isn’t a crime.  Britt tells Nikolas that she loves him and never meant to hurt anyone.  Nikolas tells her to stop playing the victim and to get out of their lives.

Ava is shocked to read that Nakamura isn’t dead.  Nathan arrives to speak with Julian. Ava heads out, only to return and eavesdrop as Nathan planned.  Nathan tells Julian that they’re bringing Nakamura to Port Charles and he needs him to stay alive.

Nathan promises Julian an exclusive in exchange for printing the wrong location where Nakamura will be staying.  Julian asks where he’ll really be held. Nathan tells him as Ava listens in.

Sonny questions whether Carly will tell anyone the truth.  Carly says she isn’t upset at AJ’s death, but Michael loved him and she needs to honor that. Carly declares that she needs to take care of Michael. She then demands to know Ava’s involvement.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava was there and witnessed the shooting.  Carly wonders why AJ was at Ava’s to begin with.  Sonny thinks AJ was looking for a job with the Jeromes.  Sonny believes AJ was looking for a job, but Carly doesn’t believe AJ would associate with the mob.

Sonny worries that he’ll lose Michael. He wonders if he should tell Michael the truth before someone else does.  

Shawn explains to Jordan who the Jeromes are and that Julian is bad news.  Jordan says she plans on working at the gallery and feels she can keep an eye on the Jeromes.   

Brad is surprised that Britt’s been released and is back at work.  He thinks she should go home, but Britt says she has no home.  She’s upset that she’s lost everything.  Brad explains how Lucas dumped him as well.  He realizes that he could have chosen to do the right thing, but didn’t.  Brad says he and Britt are the only friend they have.

Brad offers to have Britt stay with him.  She doesn’t want him to get deeper involved, knowing that her mother will likely reach out to her.  Britt gets a call from Liesl.

Nikolas apologizes to Dante for bringing Britt into their lives, but Dante doesn’t blame him.  Nikolas wants to help in the search for Ben.  Lulu gets back and tells them she saw Liz and is certain Ben will come home safely.

Carly decides she won’t tell Michael the truth, but swears to Sonny that they need to take this secret to their graves.  She worries what will happen if Michael finds out.