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Ken Corday and All Screens Media Launch Digital Soap Initiative

The revolution will be webivised! Days of Our Lives boss Ken Corday is partnering with a former top executive at Comcast to launch Net Soaps/Net Novelas, a new interactive venture where fans will play a role in developing a new generation of sudsers. Variety broke news of the potential game-changer for the soap genre.

The venture will zero in on multilingual soaps for the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries. Said Corday:


This new venture is about taking the passion consumers have for soaps and novelas into a new era,” said Ken Corday, CEO of Corday Productions, who has been exec producer of “Days of Our Lives” since 1985. “This will be original content that the fans will play a role in green lighting and casting, delivered in a form that can build devoted communities of fans in the digital space.”

Corday Productions is teaming with All Screens Media, founded by ex-Comcaster Peter Heumiller.  Here's how Heumiller is distinguishing their endeavor from that other online soap project:

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 “Prospect Park was taking existing shows and platform-shifting them,” said All Screens Media founder Peter Heumiller, a former VP of content acquisition for Comcast Cable. “We are creating content in a forward-thinking way that gives us a unique platform to connect with people in multiple ways.”

Daytime soap superstar-turned-webisoap pioneer Crystal Chappell is also involved with the venture. Are you excited about Corday's new power move? Sound off in the comments!